[accesscomp] Re: Windows Vista & Jaws version 10

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 14:43:46 -0700

Just install jaws and when it first starts it will ask you if you want to start jaws automatically. That should do the trick. There's nothing special about vista.

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Subject: [accesscomp] Windows Vista & Jaws version 10

I recently bought a new computer on line and still have to get Jaws version
10 loaded on it. This is Vista Home Premium with a quad core AMD processor..
Is there any certain way to install Jaws so it will come on at the start
menu atutomatically on this type of computer. It does that on mne now but I
have XP now.. Please send me the instructions if you can on how to do this
where it comes on when the computer is booted up or restarted and will come
on every time automatically, I am not sure how to do this on this model
computer..It may not make a difference but still was wondering if any of you
have Windows Vista Home Premium, I am sure you do and have installed Jaws
version 10 to start automatically at the beginning or start menu.. Thanks,

--Pat Hart

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