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  • Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 08:34:25 -0700

Reg, I've seen some podcasts with win7 and JFW 10, are you sure that 10 won't work?

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You won't automatically receive any upgrade to Windows 7 unless you install
it from the CD given to you by your manufacturer.  It won't be supported
until JAWS 11. I understand the latest version of Windoweyes is supporting
it now.
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Hi all, I just have a question about Vista Home Premium.. If the computer
comes with it and offers a free upgrade to 7 and a person is running Jaws 10
version will Jaws 10 version work with 7? If not, does the person have to
take the upgrade or can they still run Vista Home Premium and not upgrade
it? What I mean is this, does Windows upgrade to 7 automatically or does the
person have to do the upgrade?Can the person still stay with Vista if7
won't work with    Jaws version 10, does the person even have to do the
upgrade if they don't want to.. thanksPat

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