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Hi Tony...
It's been a while... Do you mind posting those links to the list? Also, I am looking for instructions on using Nero 7 Express. This is a new computer with new software. It state that Nero Premium is loaded. There are several options in terms of features...
Thanks, Rob
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Houdy gene,

I sent steve the links for both the tutorials and the manual offlist as well as some jaws and window-eyes keyboard equivalents since he is migrating from
JFW. I think he'll make the transition alright.

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Look on the web site for the tutorial and listen to whatever parts are
relevant for what you want to learn.  Look at the help section in
Window-eyes.  Control backslash brings up the Window-eyes window.  Menus
open as they do in any standard program with alt. find the help menu, press enter, and look at the menu items. I'm sure a list of keyboard commands is
present.  While looking at a list of commands may be useful, it is not a
substitute for looking and listening to some instructional material.  Just
hearing that this or that command brings up a menu or dialog related to
Window-eyes won't tell you what items do you are not familiar with.

For example, you won't understand anything about the verbosity menu unless
it is explained.
If you don't know how to use standard Windows help interfaces, ask here.
While there are commands you would want to know such as read current line,
most commands are not learned or remembered in a vacuum. It makes far moore sense to learn those you will use often and learn others as you learn about Window-eyes and if you intend to use them. In other words, in this and lots
of programs, lots of blind people want lists of commands.  It often makes
far more sense to learn commands as you learn functions you intend to use
and what they are. If you generally know how a program works looking through
menus and dialogs is a very good way to learn a good deal about an
unfamiliar program.  for example, if you already know how to work with a
recording program, looking through the menus and dialogs of another one may
give you a fair amount of information you will understand about using
another one.

And now, Window-eyes has keyboard help as JAWS does.  Either insert and f1
toggles keyboard help off and on.  When using keyboard help you will hear
what commands do if you issue them.

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Evening All,

I am in the process of learning WE.  I have been a JAWS user and want to
learn WE.  Where can I find a great list of keyboard commands for WE?  I
especially like to find a general list of reading commands.  I have
out how to access the system tray, but how do you access the list of
applications on the task bar? I hope this is not to many questions in one
message.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Steve & Shannon
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