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Accessible World Tek Talk presents "ALT" - the first of U-R-Able's
Acceleration Technologies with Rob Nevin and Hans Lienert

Rob Nevin, from U-R-Able, has completed a 3 month deep review of their
product ALT with a team of 8 from the National Federation of the Blind (NFB)
Research and Development Committee.  ALT - the first work-flow accelerator
for blind and low-vision workers has received positive reviews as from the
team as it works with all Windows based software products and converts
complex and frequent tasks, into single steps with its unique semantic

ALT cooperates with all software, all screen readers, all screen
magnification products and delivers to its users - speed, focus and

Speed - as complex process steps, often requiring many composite keystrokes
for screen readers or magnifiers, into single tasks performed at the speed of
the computer, not the user.

Focus - as the user need only consider the end-state of the task (ie, I
want to search for a price or a phone number or upload a file via FTP, etc.)
while ALT completes the journey steps automatically.

Silence - for screen reader users, all the Journey steps (the loading of
the application product, the loading of the file, the completion of the
searches or navigation to the final destination) is all completed silently
with the full return to screen reader controls at the end of the Acceleration

You won't want to miss this as the presentation will include interviews
from ALT users, those who's conversations have changed from "I am being
measured against a difficult standard" to "I am exceeding the throughput
of my sighted co-workers".

ALT will be demonstrated and opportunities to pose questions to Rob Nevin and
Hans Lienert from the software engineering company (Drager and Lienert) from
Germany, the authors of ALT.  You will hear, during the course of the
presentation, how ALT is used by Educators, CEO's, Technology experts,
Lawyers, Call Centre workers and more.  Each with the common desire to excel
in their work and be relieved of the tedium of unnecessary
typing/listening/filtering for common and repeated tasks.

With the latest version of ALT, announced at the National Federation of the
Blind (NFB) convention, ALT now provides hundreds of screen reader functions,
each available for use free-standing or for use within ALT accelerators.
Changing between screen reader or screen reader versions?  Not a problem as
ALT manages all the back-end interactions.

Presenters: Rob Nevin and Hans Liemert
E-Mail: rob@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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