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Hi Sherri,

I was kind of stalling hoping someone else who knows more would field this one. 
 I believe you can hit the applications key after you select and copy your text 
and choose paste special.  If not it should be on the edit menu with alt E.  
This only works if you are copying to another word document.  The Windows 
clipboard only copies  straight text.  JAWS 9 and above will allow you to keep 
the format of web pages if you copy them into Word or an HTML based E-mail 
program like Outlook or Outlook Express.  That's all I know.


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If anyone can make a suggestion and help me, I would appreciate it.

I have recently started using Word 2003. When I copy and paste from an existing 
document into my new document, the formatting of the existing document is not 
retained. What settings do I need to change in Word so that existing 
formatting, style,line justification, etc. is retained? This will help me a 
great deal,as it takes a long time to proof documents and make sure formatting 
is correct. Thank you.



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