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I don't use Face book but, if you work with captchas that are not
accessible or are difficult to use, it would be a good idea for you to
learn to use either Solona or Webvisum.  You can solve most captchas with
either one of these services without the need of audio captchas.  I don't
use Solona and I can't go into detail about how it is used.  If you want a
detailed discussion of how to use Webvisum, you can download and listen to
my presentation on Webvisum and firefox from this page:
That's a small link, and it takes you to the same page as the large one. 
.  Once you get to the page, look for the download button at the bottom of
the page.

The presentation teaches firefox because you need to use firefox with
Webvisum.  Firefox is not difficult to learn and most of what you do is
identical to using Internet Explorer.  Depending on what sites you visit,
it may be to your advantage to learn to us firefox because many sites
which slow down screen-readers when used with Internet Explorer do not
slow them down when used with Firefox.  You may be best served by using
each browser on sites where each one works better than the other.  If you
want to use Solona, which you can use with most browsers, including
Internet Explorer, someone else will have to give you more information.

but it is not a good idea to rely only on web sites to provide accessible
captchas since so many don't and since so many of the accessible captchas
are very difficult to understand and use for that reason.

If you want to see what the web sites for Webvisum and Solona have to say,
you can get to them using these links:

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> Hello all,
> I have just gotten into using Facebook. I was trying to friend someone and
> it asked me to "fill in the text". In the past, there has been an audio
> captcha, but now, there does not seem to be one. Is there somewhere I can
> go to let Facebook know that its audio Captchas are gone? This very much
> inhibits my use of Facebook. Thanks.
> Sherri
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