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Hello Jamie< I would ask around about the upgrade to pack mate. I think you got a lemon! If that next one is going to break then I'd carefully research in a reliable note taker. Good luck! sorry the current pack mate is not working like it should! ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jamie Pauls" <jamiepauls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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Subject: [accesscomp] Need recommendations for a new notetaker

Greetings all:

I have owned my Pac Mate QX 40 for over five years and it is literally
falling apart in my hands; pins coming out where the Braille display locks
in, keys coming off, and one Braille cell that no longer works. I have used
the product every day for the past five years. I am going to ask my local
rehab services for the blind agency to either repair the old unit or
purchase a new notetaker for me. If I actually manage to make a good dpitch for a new unit, I am not sure whether to ask for a Braille Note or a Braille
Sense. I have no one close to let me demo either, although I have briefly
looked at a Braille Note. Here is what I need:

1. Need a smaller unit than my current QX 40; probably do not want a qwerty
keyboard; will go back to a Braille keyboard.

2. Reliability; few lockups and the ability to recover data if lockups
occur. Does the Braille Note or Braille Sense save data after a hard reset
as the new upgrade to Pac Mate does?

3. Good media player functions; I use the unit now with my music therapy
practice and might start using it in my music appreciation class with
connected speakers instead of a boom box.

4. Ease of use when reading with the Braille display; I've always found the
Pac Mate display slow to read with; don't know if this is a function of
Braille displays in general, my own lack of proficiency when reading with a
Braill display, or the Pac Mate display in particular.

A repair and upgrade of my old Pac Mate is probably what I'll get. How good
is the upgrade in terms of increased speed and reliability?

Thanks for answering these questions as best as you can.

Jamie Pauls

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