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  From: John Reil
  Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2013 10:12 AM
  I wanted to write to the list to pass on some info which I believe will be
  helpful to blind people everywhere. Microsoft has a new program in which
  technitions fix computers for people with disabilities. It is a free
  program. They started it in January. The people there will remote into a
  computer, and fix issues you might have.
  I know this from personal experience. Let me tell you guys why.
  I have a desktop computer which was very sick indeed. There was carruption
  in windows, and the registry. I had so many issues with it, I can't list
  them all. After 20 hours of tireless work on there part I am pleased to say
  that it is completely fixed, and it runs like new. They did not want to
  reinstall windows, so they sent me a copy of windows 7 free of charge. They
  did what they call a install and repair which left all my data in tact. The
  technition went in and fixed the registry, and so many other things. I am so
  pleased, and I thought I'd pass this on to you guys for future reference.
  They asked me to promote the program since it was new, and people didn't
  know about it yet. Even my instructor did not know. I went through training
  for jaws, office, and other things for customer service work.
  Well enough rambling from me. Here is the number to there service center. It
  is 1 800 936-5900. I hope this info helps.
  John Reil,
  May ev
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