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This issue is nothing new and was actually disclosed willingly by Yahoo to all it's subscribers when it was put in place. Also, there is an opt out link near the bottom of the agreement. All you need to do is take the time to look for it. It amazes me how many paranoids there are these days.

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Well that's very true.  There's different types of tracking, and some are
more intrusive than others.  There's annonnomizing browsers like Zero
Knowledge that send your web traffic through public IP servers all over the
world to keep anything from linking back to your computer.  If I had
something specific to hide I would do that I suppose.  I have a Gmail
account and I understand that they can use key words in my E-mail to target
adds to me directly.  I don't even mind that because they might show me
something I actually want.  But there are differences between cookies and
beacons.   It does bother me that a company feels they have a right to
everything I do on my computer, not just my commerce with their own sites
that they control.  When I use my Price Chopper card that information goes
to their parent corporation and what I buy isn't supposed to be tied to my
name and address.  They claim that data is aggregated.  When it's my
personal computer it's different.  As I said, not sure how big of a deal
this particular policy is, but there are privacy issues that are actually
worth getting concerned about. Like Google keeping all your health records
and whether you can be protected against your insurance company using them
against you to raise your rates without some protective national
legislation. In other words, I'm not just being reactive. I have read some
about these issue.


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I know you believe you've stumbled upon some big news; but you haven't.
This is one of those old msgs that has been circulating for years upon
years and has been discussed to death on numerous high and low traffic
At this point let me say this:  you can easily opt out if it bothers you.
It is account and pc speciffic so you will have to opt out in each
instance; ie, you have 3 pcs and 2 Yahoo accounts, you need to opt 6 times
to be completely out.
Having said this, in at least a couple of instances, I hadn't opted out
with no dire consequences.  So if you are looking for some dire
consequences, look elsewhere as this is nothing other than a more or less
typical tracking cookie that is being employed on myriads of sites.
And if you are truly bothered by tracking, then become a hermit, stop
using any form of credit, get rid of using your Social Security or
driver's license number on anything, never ever use discount codes or
shopper saver cards, and all of the other instances of commerce in a
modern society.
Your phone calls are tracked by your phone carried be it mobile or
landline; you may have a time card at work; you may be attending Church
each week and having your name placed on an attendance registry; it is all
tracking and a lot of it actually benefits you.

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