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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 322    Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 322
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

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1) Resources for those engaging in or wishing to learn about programming by the 
blind have been reorganized, so here is a rundown: A mailing list where 
beginners and advanced programmers can learn is program-l. To join, send a 
message to program-l-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and in the subject field put the 
word "subscribe".
These websites contain a variety of resources: 

2) Speaking of programming and programmers, Chip Orange will be the guest on 
the GW Insider on Tuesday, 25 October.
After the show, you can grab the podcast here:

3) The release of the iPhone 4S and IOS5 appear to be about to improve mobile 
phone access a lot. Here is an article entitled, "What's new in iOS 5 for the 
iPhone: From an Accessibility Standpoint"

4) Another blind user has written his experiences learning and using the 
iPhone, and the resulting article is in the October, 2011 Braille Monitor.

5) TechVision sells many lessons on using JAWS with popular applications.

6) Learn about JFW version 13 on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 18 October at 00:00.

7) EASI offers a free webinar on Friday, 14 October at 1800 GMT, featuring 
presenters at the upcoming AHG Conference. 

8) Learn about the ILoview, new small video magnifier from AI Dwustrf.

9) DAISY Pipeline is a set of tools for creating DAISY documents.

10) J-Say 9.1 is now available, working with JAWS 12 and Dragon Naturally 
Speaking Professional 11.5.

11) A new version of the drawing program usable by the blind is now available, 
with three new features and several fixes. 

12) Here is the latest from the Gizmo site: How to Create a Custom Hotkey for 
Your Favorite Application or Folder
391 Places for Free Books Online

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Tidbits is intentionally concise, and we know a lot of people may not 
understand some items because little explanation is given. If a particular 
Tidbit brings up a question in your mind, feel free to ask, and I will try to 
answer as time and knowledge permit. 

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