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The ReadEasy Move Has Arrived

ReadEasy Move is an easy to use all-in-one portable device that reads to you.

ReadEasy Move will read practically any printed text out loud within seconds, 
in a clear human sounding voice.

Simply line up your document or book against the right hand edge of ReadEasy 
Move's case, press the "Capture" button and within a few seconds your print 
material is being read out loud to you.

Who is the ReadEasy Move For?
ReadEasy Move is for anyone who needs quick, easy and accurate access to 
printed material.

ReadEasy Move has an intuitive and tactile design that makes it an ideal 
solution for people with all levels of vision from low vision to total 

The one button operation of the ReadEasy Move makes it suitable for people of 
all ages whether you are 4 or 104!

ReadEasy Move could be the perfect reading system for you if:

  a.. You find it difficult to read with a magnifying glass. 
  b.. You would like to be more independent and be able to read your own 
documents (mail, newspapers, bills, etc.). 
  c.. You have a learning disability such as dyslexia and benefit from 
listening to text read to you out loud. 
  d.. You find reading with a video magnifier (CCTV) too difficult because you 
can't fit enough characters on the screen to read at your desired pace. 
  e.. You find the constant movement of text on a video magnifier's screen 
makes your eyes fatigued or gives you a nauseous feeling. 
  f.. You already have a reading machine but wish it was faster, more accurate 
and had more features. 
  g.. You have a degenerative eye condition and would like a system that is 
suitable both now and for the future. 
What are ReadEasy Move's Benefits?
ReadEasy Move features many benefits over other scanner and digital capture 
reading machines including:

ReadEasy+ capturing text from a letter size document image:



Ease of use: ReadEasy Move is so easy to use. A single button press is all it 
takes to start reading your document. The six tactile in built controls are all 
that are required to access ReadEasy Move's main features. 

  a.. Accuracy: ReadEasy Move uses the latest camera and recognition technology 
to ensure it is as accurate as possible, even on complicated newspaper layouts 
or curved surfaces like cans of food. 
  b.. Quality of speech: Using the latest natural sounding voices, together 
with a custom designed, integrated, 6 watt RMS stereo speaker system, there is 
no better sounding reading machine. 
  c.. Speed: ReadEasy Move reads your document to you in just a few seconds, 
(typically 4-6), which means less waiting and more reading! 
  d.. Stylish and practical design: A sleek, all aluminum case together with a 
detachable camera, allows the ReadEasy Move to fit anywhere in your home and 
can be easily transported when on the go with the included custom carrying 
  e.. Footprint: Occupying just 7.6 x 3.1 inches, (192 x 78 mm), of table area, 
ReadEasy Move is extremely compact and 75% smaller than the previous versions. 
  f.. Weight: ReadEasy Move is the world's lightest free standing reading 
machine at just 4 lbs., (1.80 kg), making it easy to take with you or pack 
  g.. Versatility: Read almost any surface, flat or round. ReadEasy Move's 
camera allows it to capture deep into the spines of books without flattening 
them, as well as reading 3D objects like cans or prescription bottles. 
  h.. Low Vision Pack: If you benefit from reading magnified text in high 
contrast then the ReadEasy Move with the Low Vision Pack is just for you. The 
ReadEasy Move with Low Vision Pack offers additional features that benefit 
users with low vision including being able to output captured text to a monitor 
so you can see the text as it is read aloud. 
  i.. Advanced Feature Packs available: The Optional Keypad Feature Pack, Low 
Vision Pack and Low Vision Touch Pack greatly increases the capabilities of 
each device (e.g. saving, importing, exporting, bookmarking documents and large 
print text output to an interactive touch screen). 
ReadEasy Move Features
ReadEasy Move lets you read more easily than ever before.

The ReadEasy Move is Easy to Setup

ReadEasy Move is designed to be simple to set up and pack away. ReadEasy Move 
features a unique magnetic quick release camera system allowing the unit to be 
far more compact and lightweight. Simply placing the camera into its dock on 
the base unit automatically locates it into the correct position. Once the 
camera system is docked into place, pull the camera head out towards you. To 
pack away, just complete the same steps in reverse and place the unit in the 
included custom carrying case!

The ReadEasy Move is Easy to Use
With a specially designed tactile keypad, comprised of just 6 buttons, ReadEasy 
Move is incredibly simple to operate. From left to right, the tactile and 
uniquely shaped buttons include: speech faster, speech slower, previous 
sentence, play/pause, next sentence and capture. 


The ReadEasy Move is Versatile

Image of ReadEasy Move capturing text from a variety of items including product 
packaging, receipts and cans of food.




ReadEasy Move's uniquely designed camera allows extremely thick books to be 
photographed and read accurately, without the need to flatten them, which can 
damage the book's binding.

In addition, because of the advanced software used by the ReadEasy Move, even 
round objects such as cans of food can be read aloud.

You can use ReadEasy Move for reading:

  a.. Letters and mail 
  b.. Bank statements and bills 
  c.. Books and novels 
  d.. Magazines 
  e.. Newspapers 
  f.. Cans of food 
  g.. Product packaging 
  h.. Product instructions 
  i.. Recipes 
  j.. And much more! 
The ReadEasy Move is Compact and Transportable
Image of the ReadEasy Move packed away in the included custom carrying case.



ReadEasy Move has one of the smallest footprints of any reading machine. It 
occupies far less table space than previous scanner based systems - just 7.6 x 
3.1 inches (192 x 78 mm).

ReadEasy Move is also the World's lightest free standing reading machine at 
just 4.0 lbs., (1.80 kg). The ReadEasy Move includes a custom carrying case 
that allows you to easily transport the ReadEasy Move.

Move it from the living room to the kitchen to read your recipes as you cook. 
From the office to the bedroom, to listen in bed. The ReadEasy Move is so 
compact and lightweight, you can even take it on vacation with you!

The ReadEasy Move Supports Multiple Languages and Auto Language Switching
ReadEasy Move is the first stand-alone reading system available with automatic 
language detection. The ReadEasy Move is highly intelligent and allows 
sentence-by-sentence switching making it the perfect tool for learning and 
reading in multiple languages.

ReadEasy Move includes the English language voice pack. Additional voice packs 
can be obtained at time of purchase or at a later date. You can purchase 
additional language packs from GW Micro or your local distributor. 

Supported languages include: Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, 
French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, 
Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Romanian, Slovak and Thai are also 
available but require manual language switching.

ReadEasy Move's Included Accessories
ReadEasy Move includes the following standard accessories:

  a.. Durable high contrast mat for use with dark and highly reflective table 
  b.. Comfortable over the ear headphones for private listening with in-line 
volume control 
Image of the headphones with inline volume control that are included with the 



Comfortable over the ear headphones


Image of the high contrast mat that is included with the ReadEasy+


High contrast capture matReadEasy Move Feature Packs

ReadEasy Move has 3 optional feature packs that greatly enhance its 
capabilities. The feature packs are listed in order and each feature pack 
includes all of the additional features and enhancements of the previous 
feature pack.

1. Keypad Feature Pack for ReadEasy Move
Image ReadEasy+ keypad with overlay.
The optional Keypad Feature Pack is for individuals who want to enable 
additional ReadEasy Move features such as more refined navigation control, file 
management, and more! The Keypad Feature Pack includes a customized keypad that 
connects directly to the ReadEasy Move.
The ReadEasy Move's tactile keypad features 22 buttons in total. These are 
arranged in a row of 4 buttons along the top of the keypad for advanced, menu 
based functions, and a block of 18 keys underneath them, in 4 columns for the 
remaining features. The play / pause button, in the center of 8 surrounding 
navigation buttons, has a raised tactile bump making it easy to find.

The ReadEasy Move Keypad Feature Pack also comes with a clip on keypad overlay. 
The overlay reduces the number of buttons that are accessible to just 10, 
giving individuals easy access to the most popular features of the Keypad 
Feature Pack.

The Keypad Features Pack adds advanced functionality to the ReadEasy Move 
including support for: multiple page documents, saving, loading, importing, 
exporting and bookmarking of documents.

The Keypad Feature Pack is not a default option but can be purchased for an 
additional cost with the ReadEasy Move or added at a later time.

2. ReadEasy Move with Low Vision Feature Pack
For individuals with low vision, the ReadEasy Move with the Low Vision Pack is 
the ideal choice for you!

Image of ReadEasy Move Low Vision Pack connected to 22 inch monitor being used 
to magnify and read a can of soup.



What is the ReadEasy Move with Low Vision Pack?

The ReadEasy Move with Low Vision Feature Pack includes all of the features of 
the ReadEasy Move with the Keypad Feature Pack. In addition, you can connect a 
monitor to the ReadEasy Move with Low Vision Pack and view captured text as it 
is being read to you. The ReadEasy Move with Low Vision Pack gives you the 
freedom to adjust the size, color and contrast of the captured text to create a 
customized view that meets your specific needs. This lets you see the text as 
well as read it at speeds much faster and text sizes much larger than 
traditional video magnifiers.

With a monitor connected to the ReadEasy Move with Low Vision Pack, you can 
also use it just like a video magnifier or CCTV to instantly magnify anything 
you put under the camera. The ReadEasy Move with Low Vision Pack also comes 
with a USB trackball that allows you to move around your document or magnified 
image, start/stop reading, interact with onscreen menus, adjust magnification 
and more.

3. ReadEasy Move with Low Vision Touch Feature Pack
The ReadEasy Move with Low Vision Touch Feature Pack adds touch screen support 
to theReadEasy Move. You will need to connect a compatible touch screen monitor 
(not included) to the ReadEasy Move to use the Low Vision Touch Pack. Just tap 
the word on the screen with your finger to start reading or scroll and zoom 
with intuitive touch gestures!

ReadEasy Move
  a.. Time to read: approximately 6 seconds 
  b.. Camera resolution: 5 megapixels 
  c.. RAM: 1 GB 
  d.. Speech synthesizer: Nuance Vocalizer 
  e.. Dimensions (W x D x H): 
    a.. 7.6 x 3.1 x 8.3 inches 
    b.. 192 x 78 x 210 mm 
  f.. Weight: 4.0 lbs. (1.80 kg) 
Keypad Feature Pack Additional Specifications
  a.. Document storage: approximately 100,000 pages - 64 GB Solid State Drive 
  b.. Multi-capture speed: up to 20 pages per minute 
  c.. Supported file formats for exporting documents: Adobe PDF, Image (BMP, 
JPEG, PNG, TIFF), Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), MP3, Open Document Format 
(ODF), plain text (TXT), Rich Text Format (RTF) 
  d.. Supported file formats for importing documents: Adobe PDF, Image (BMP, 
ReadEasy Move Low Vision Feature Pack Additional Specifications
  a.. Magnification range (real-time image): up to 32x 
  b.. Magnification range (captured image): virtually unlimited 
  c.. Visualizations: image, overlay, column, horizontal, vertical and word 
  d.. Enhanced color options: customizable (64 combinations) 
GW Micro offers a two-year warranty on the ReadEasy Move, starting from the 
purchase date. The warranty covers labor and materials.

Pricing and Ordering
For pricing information or to order the ReadEasy Move, read on where the four 
models are explained in brief and prices provided.  For more detailed 
information, call please GW Micro at (260) 489-3671 

or visit our Reading Systems product catalog page. 


To check for a local distributor in your area, please use the Find a Dealer  
link below.




*Read Easy Move Basic:

1.  Price  $2495.00.

2.  Best for someone  wanting a simple reading machine who has very limited 
vision or totally blind.  This model does not have any file management.  It is 
mainly for reading and listening.



*Read Easy Move with Keypad feature pack:

1.  Price, $2695.00.

2.   adds keypad feature pack much like the numpad on a PC.

3.  Allows for file management and exporting to a usb drive.

More specific features cn be found by visiting the link above regarding the 
product catalog or calling GWMicro.


*Read Eas Move Low Vision Pack 

1.  Price, $2845.00.

2.  Additional vidio output, trackball

And lots of screen magnification/manipulation is available.


*Read Easy Move with Low Vision Touchpack:

1.  Price, $2995.00.

2.  This model supports touch screen monitors, Can be controled by tapping like 
when using an Iphone, Ipad etc.




"Lord Jesus, grant this day, to direct and sanctify, to rule and govern our 
hearts and bodies, so that all our thoughts, words and deeds may be according 
to your Father's law and thus may we be saved and protected through your mighty 

Psalm 102:2-3,16-21 

2 Do not hide your face from me in the day of my distress!  Incline your ear to 
me;  answer me speedily in the day when I call! 
3 For my days pass away like smoke, and my bones burn like a furnace. 
16 For the LORD will build up Zion, he will appear in his glory; 
17 he will regard the prayer of the destitute, and will not despise their 
18 Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet unborn 
may praise the LORD: 
19 that he looked down from his holy height, from heaven the LORD looked at the 
20 to hear the groans of the prisoners, to set free those who were doomed to 
21 that men may declare in Zion the name of the LORD, and in Jerusalem his 




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