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hi all,

came across this on another list & thought of passing it to the list. Please feel free to use the utility & share & pass it on to one & all.

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Subject: [Talking Tech With Startbutton] eBook-convert GUI - My GUI/frontendfor the Calibre converter

Hello everyone,
Since some people have found it useful, I thought I would share this here as well.

Calibre is an application for organizing and converting eBooks. It's ability to convert between many eBook formats is one of it's more useful features. Unfortunately, it is not very accessible and although you can use the included ebook-convert command line utility to convert files, many people are not comfortable with this approach. eBook-convert GUI is a so called frontend for the ebook-convert.exe command line utility. It can convert individual files and entire folders including subfolders from any supported format to any other. To use eBook-convert GUI you must have Calibre installed. If you don't already have it, it can be downloaded from it's homepage here.

You can always download the latest version of eBook-convert GUI using these links.

32 bit installer - direct link:
32 bit installer - shortened link:
64 bit installer - direct link:
64 bit installer - shortened link:
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