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Subject: StartPage Search Engine for protecting your privacy

Use the Search Engine Called StartPage to Protect Your Privacy

Updated 16. July 2013 - 20:07 by v.laurie 

Are you concerned about all the tracking of what we do on the internet? Would 
you like to use Google search but don't want Google recording where you are and 
what searches you make? Then give a try to the search engine "StartPage".



StartPage is based in the Netherlands and says that they are not subject to 
government xsnooping. According to their privacy statement, no records of user 
data are kept. They do not know who you are. Your IP and geographical location 
are not recorded. No tracking cookies are used. So they have no information to 
give to anybody, even if they are asked.

StartPage actually uses Google for its searches but acts as an intermediary to 
protect your privacy. When you search with StartPage, all identifying 
information from your query is removed and it is submitted anonymously to 
Google. StartPage then gets the results back and relays them to you.

Because there are extra steps and information has to go back and forth through 
an intermediary, searching will be slower. I suspect StartPage is getting a lot 
more traffic because of recent revelations about NSA. Page loading may be slow 
but, if privacy is a concern for you, this is a search engine that is worth 
looking at.

The link for StartPage search is here. 



Their privacy statement is at this link.


Note from Dan:

I did a few searches and found the site very accessible.  


First I searched for  restaurants in Austin Texas since we are going there soon.

1.  When accessing the link below, the cursor is placed in to a search edit 


2.  I typed in the following line without quotes and then pressed enter.

"restaurants in austin texas"


3.  If using a screenreader, you will hear "explorer views" when a search is 

4.  Move to the top of this page by pressing control plus home key.

5.  Press the letter h to move through hits in the search results.

6.  Press enter on a hit of your choice.


Here sare a few of what I found.

Best Restaurants In Austin - austin360.com



Sullivan's Steakhouse - Enjoy Our $39 Pre-Fixe Menu Today


Fogo de Chao Churrascaria - Fogo.com

Experience an Authentic Brazilian Steakhouse. Enjoy 16 cuts of meat.


Best Austin restaurants | Urbanspoon 

www.urbanspoon.com/lb/11/best-restaurants-Austin - View by Ixquick Proxy - 

Best Austin restaurants. ... Make reservations online at the best restaurants 
in Austin. .... University of Texas - Southwestern, Tex-Mex, Mexican 409 W 30th 
St. 20.


*II. Current assistive tech news search:

Here are the results and process I did for the second search.

1.  I  moved to the top of the page by pressing control plus home.  I did not 
need to go back to the startpage home page. The reason I move to the top of the 
page is because when pressing the letter f for "form", and not at the top, you 
will get a prompt saying "there are no more form fields on this page."  This is 
because the cursor has already passed where the form field is usually found.

2.  I pressed the letter f and was placed into an edit field with  the previous 
search string still present.

3.  Press shift plus end followed by hitting the delet key.  This will erace 
the text.

4.  Type in the string below without punctuation.

"current assistive tech news"

5.  Press enter.

6.  Press control plus the home key.

7.  Press the letter h to move through the resulting hits.

8.  When locating one of interest, press enter.




Inspirational thought and prayer for the week

Psalm 34:8
Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in 

This week's Inspiring Thought as it relates to the above verse:

Taste and See God's Goodness

Coming from a large Italian family, I know the pleasure and satisfaction that 
comes from tasting something good. David, the Psalmist, is sure that once we've 
tasted the Lord's goodness, we will see and know just how abundantly blessed we 

I like the way Matthew Henry puts it in his commentary: "Let God's goodness be 
rolled under the tongue as a sweet morsel." Once we've experienced the 
Lord-tasting and delighting in his fullness-we realize nothing else can satisfy 
our soul's desires. 


Prayer:  Lord Jesus, let your word be on my lips and in my heart that I may 
walk in the freedom of your everlasting love, truth and goodness.  In Christ 
Holy Name we pray, Amen!


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