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No thanks. I think I'll just stick with Skype. For less than $60 a year one can obtain an online number which entitles an individual to make unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada for free and if others wish to contact you they can do so through that same number. According to what you've shared about this service the recipient is actually the one required to call the number provided. so therefore the one initiating contact isn't actually making a free call unless you want to count the ten seconds allowed to give the supposed local number they are provided wiht. That is of course if this website allows time for the phone to ring and be answered before starting the ten second countdown. And where is this local number coming from? does the website generate it? If so, I'd caution anyone thinking about using this service to thoroughly check out how local that number is because many times I've found that website's definition of local is certainly not necessarily what will benefit the consumer and more often then not it doesn't.


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This is another cool service, you enter the phone number you want to call
into the web site, the call is placed, you then have 10 seconds to relay the call back number to the caller, who calls you back with the local number you
provide, you then talk over the web.


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