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How Many Words Per Minute 

In the old days students took a typing class in high school either in 
preparation for college or an office career.  They sat in rows diligently 
tapping out "aa ss dd ff jj kk ll ;;" while trying not to look at their 

Today, there's a quandary in schools when it comes to computer technology.  
With limited classroom time available a choice has to be made between teaching 
software skills and teaching typing skills.  Traditionalists would of course 
prefer that typing  was stressed while technologists would say that typing 
skill will follow if a kid learns the how to use the software.  In the end a 
mix is needed across the grade levels.  

So how fast do you type and what are you doing to improve your speed?

Try testing your typing speed at this site:   TypingTest.com



Then you might want to consider some free typing games to help you improve your 

      EasyTyping Games
      Aunt Lee 
      Hard Typing Games


      Typing Bubbles
      Typing Goalie


      Hard typing games







"God our Father, we are exceedingly frail and indisposed to every virtuous and 
gallant undertaking.  Strengthen our weakness, we beseech you, that we may do 
valiantly in this spiritual war; help us against our own negligence and 
cowardice, and defend us from the treachery of our unfaithful hearts; for Jesus 
Christ's sake."  (Prayer of Thomas a Kempis)


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