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Windows Tips Galore
Active Windows offers a first rate combination of tips and tutorials along with 
some useful reviews. The PCStats site features an excellent collection of 
Windows tips taken from the PCStats forums. I particularly liked the registry 
patch for removing those annoying entries in the "Add/Remove programs" menu 
that hang around long after the program has been uninstalled.

Tweaks for XP Freaks
We've mentioned this excellent collection of free Windows XP registry tweaks 
before but on a recent visit I noticed that it's now bigger and better than 
ever. Each tweak can be downloaded as a .reg file to save you the task of 
editing your registry.

Windows XP Tips from Microsoft
Dozens of XP Pro tips including a sneaky way to bulk rename files. I didn't 
know you could do that in Windows. Guess you learn something every day.

How Fast do you Really Surf?
The high data rate you get when downloading a big file is not a reliable 
measure of how quickly you can surf. This site offers a free test that measures 
your connection speed to 40 different sites worldwide. Be prepared to have your 
ego deflated ;>)

Mysterious Startup Programs Explained
If you've ever looked at your Windows startup folder you're bound to find a 
number of odd-named executables. Check out exactly what each program does at 
this valuable resource site:

Find Email Addresses
If you are looking for someone's email address, the bad news is there's no 
central directory. However this site offers a meta search engine that will 
search many possible sources. Quite to my surprise, I found my own personal 
email address.

Commercial Software for Free
Many commercial software products started life as freeware. You can still 
locate many of these original free versions at the Internet Archive, which has 
captured snapshots of the web at different points of time for research 
purposes. Just enter the software vendor's web site address and with a bit of 
luck, you may be able to locate and download a free version.

Organize Your Partitions Correctly
What's the best way to organize the partitions on your hard disk? Now that's a 
question that would take a long dinner and two bottles of red wine to sort out. 
For those who don't like wine or simply want a quick introduction to the 
issues, check out the following article.

Optimizing the Windows XP Paging File
This is one of the best articles I've yet seen on this subject. It dispels many 
myths including setting the max and min sizes the same and setting the maximum 
size at 2.5 times the memory size.

XP Questions Answered
This site offers an excellent collection of Windows XP tips including answers 
to some of the most common only encountered problems.

How to Make Windows XP Run Faster
This site lists a step-by-step procedure for optimizing the performance of 
Windows XP. Most of it is good advice but comes at a cost in the form of 
slightly downgraded appearance and the loss of little-used features and 

Impressive Windows Tips and Tricks Site
More performance enhancing and behavior modification tweaks than you ever 

More Networking Help
A couple of issues back I mentioned the excellent wireless networking resources 
offered by the Practically Networked site. This prompted subscriber Richard 
Cowper to write in about the Home Net Help site. Nice find Richard. The 
coverage is wider than just wireless networking too. Well worth visiting.

Windows XP Tips Galore
The first link is to a site offering a nice list of 101 tips covering ways you 
can improve performance, increase privacy and more. The second link is another 
site which, rather cleverly, lists its tips in popularity order. Backing 
up/restoring/disabling XP activation topped the popularity list.

Windows XP Myths Exposed
This is a well researched list that debunks dozens of commonly held Windows 
beliefs such as "Periodically cleaning the pre- fetch folder speeds up boot 
time." While visiting, check out other sections of the site; they are first 




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