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I am assuming that you have less than 200mb. Is that the case? If it is, That is so little disk space that I'm not surprised you see such a message. You need to either get an external hard drive and move lots of files to that drive or you need to have a larger internal hard drive installed.

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I have less then 200.

I see message mostly at startup.
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If you have a reasonable amount of disk space then I'm not sure why you are
 seeing the message.  The prefetch folder takes only a small amount of room
and you can't solve the problem by removing the files from that folder. But
 the first thing we need to know is how much disk space you have. We also
 need to know when you are seeing the message.  If, for example, you are
 seeing it when you attempt a defrag and not at other times, then you have
 too much used room on the hard drive for defrag to function properly.
 Without more information, we can't answer the question.

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 Okay then how do I stop my pc being xp from telling me it is out of disk

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this is one of the most widespread myths about Windows. I don't know how
   accurate the tips are in general by this person but when I see someone
   propagating a long standing myth of this type, the writer's credibility
down in my estimation. I would suggest asking about future tips from this
   source before implementing them.  If you find that the current tip is a
lapse and that the tips are generally accurate, you can put more reliance
   them over time and not check.  But if you find, by checking, that the
accuracy level is not as good as it should be, then continue to ask if you
   wish to implement tips from this source.

See this Leo Laporte article. As you will see, removing prefetch entries
   slows the speed at which programs are loaded for a short time until the
   entries are built back up.  Also the alleged accumulation of unused
   files is completely misinformed.  No more than 128 prefetch files are
   allowed to remain in the prefetch folder.  The folder is limited to a
   certain number of files.  And the number of files in the folder, being
   limited and because of how the folder is used, does not slow down
   See the following article:

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   Hey  I  did it. I got  rid of the  prefetch  files  as you  said. Gone.
   that  help  run the  computer  run  better? does  it  clear out  its
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     Subject: [accesscomp] Fw: Dan's Tech Tip of the day

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     Subject: Dan's Tech Tip of the day

         Dan's Tech Tips:

     Clear The Prefetch

     PC Magazine

     November 5, 2002

     If you're using Windows XP, add C:\Windows\Prefetch to the list of
   directories to empty periodically. This folder is probably full of
   directions for applications you no longer use (so You can safely remove
   these files; any files that are needed will be created again

To locate the Prefetch folder go to the C Drive and than to the Windows
   folder. After entering the Windows folder, press P until you locate the
   Prefetch folder.

     Open the folder and do a select all and press delete.

     If you have any questions about the tips posted in Dan's Tech tips,
   contact Dan at the following email address:

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   of Dan's Tech Tips.
     Our main speaker will be Mr. Mark Carson who is the Midwest Sales
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     Mark Carson, Midwest Sales Director, Humanware
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