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From: "Shen" <goalball@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [Blindad] new blindad list

Hi everyone,
Since this list and the domain will be gone soon, I've taken the
initiative to start a new blindad list.
Perhaps in a few months, when the domain name babel-fish.us goes back
into the pool, someone may be interested in snatching it up for a fee
and reincarnate the old list. But for now, there is a free alternative
and I'd like to invite everyone to join the new list.
The new blindad list is at googlegroups. You can subscribe by sending
a blank email to blindad+subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
I have chosen to have the list allow anyone to join at the moment to
provide a smooth transition. So as soon as you send the email to join
the list, you will be a member instantly.
I hope to see everyone there soon.
I will be sending this email again shortly to make sure everyone gets it.


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