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BlindBargains.com Daily Deals for Wednesday, September 14

It's time to recap the latest deals and news posted to Blind Bargains. Feel 
free to forward this message to your friends.

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In this issue:

  a.. 1. Olympus VN-5200PC Digital Voice Recorder for $40.95 Shipped
  b.. 2. Save on Groceries with Savings Angel
  c.. 3. Today's ClassifiedsLike new BrailleNote MPower bt32, with sendero gps 
$1,500.00 plus $15.00 shipping OBO.
  Talking MP3 Players; 1000th order absolutely free!

  d.. 4. Most Popular Recent Dealscome play the most fully featured accessible 
online games for free.

  The Blind Adrenaline card room is an online gaming site containing the most 
fully featured online card games available to the accessible community. We're 
celebrating our 2nd anniversary during August by letting everyone play for 
free, even if you've had a trial account before. BA has just reset all chips 
and points, so there is no better time to come get in and see what all the fun 
is about. If you decide you enjoy the experience, its only $3.95 a month to 
sign up. You won't find , a more amazing deal for less than a buck a week.
  Come check us out at: http://www.BlindAdrenaline.com/cardRoom and if you want 
to hear an audio overview of the site, download this short clip 
  1. Olympus VN-5200PC Digital Voice Recorder for $40.95 Shipped
  There are a lot of great digital recorders for high-end audio users, but not 
everyone has the inclination or budget for one of these. A reader contacted us 
looking for a simple recorder with USB capabilities, and we believe we've found 
one which fits the request. Beach Camera via Amazon.com offers the Olympus 
VN-5200PC Digital Voice Recorder for $40.95. With free shipping, we couldn't 
find it for less elsewhere. From looking at the manual, it appears to have the 
standard recording controls found on most Olympus recorders and will beep when 
these controls are pressed. Some menu functions may not be accessible, but 
these options are generally not that important anyway. It connects via USB and 
shows up as a mass storage device. Recordings are in .WMA and it uses two AA 

  2. Save on Groceries with Savings Angel

  I've invested a lot of time trying to find the best deals on groceries. It 
kind of goes with the territory. So when I first heard about Savings Angel, a 
service where you pay to have access to grocery deals, I was a bit skeptical. 
Why would I, a person who is trying to save every penny possible, pay for a 
service which lists grocery deals? But now, I've been a Savings Angel customer 
for nearly a year and feel it to be worth every penny.

  3. Today's Classifieds
  Here are the latest classifieds posted to Blind Bargains. You can submit your 
own ad to thousands of potential users for only $5.

  Like new BrailleNote MPower bt32, with sendero gps $1,500.00 plus $15.00 
shipping OBO.

  This unit was used for a total of two weeks, and is running Keysoft 7.5 with 
Sendero GPS 4.22. I will ship the Braille Note MPower bt32, power adapter, 
Sendero software, GPS receiver, and Braille note documentation/software cds . 
Payment can be made via PayPal, or cashiers check. Payment must be made in 
full, please don’t ask about payment plans. If you have any questions, email 
me at: mike@xxxxxxxxx 

  Talking MP3 Players; 1000th order absolutely free!

  You heard correctly. To celebrate our 1000th order, we've decided to reward 
the lucky person who places the 1000th order. Just be the lucky one who places 
the 1000th order, and you'll receive your entire order absolutely free! That's 
right, it won't cost you a thing! We'll even cover any shipping charges! We're 
very very close, so it's time to place your order and take a chance on 
receiving your entire order absolutely free! It could happen to you! You'll get 
your order absolutely free, whether you order just an accessory, or everything 
on the site! Just be the lucky one to place the 1000th order, and your order is 
on us! Compliments of the house! At Accessible electronics, we sell fully set 
up accessible Rockboxed talking mp3 players for use by the blind/vision 
impaired. Our players are priced under $100! To listen to a presentation using 
our newest Rockboxed Talking MP3 Player, visit this link on our site: 
http://www.talkingmp3players.com/demo.html To see what accessible Talking MP3 
Players and accessories you can order, just visit: 
http://www.talkingmp3players.com/ The Sansa Fuze is about the size of a credit 
card and about as thick as 4 credit cards put together. It fits nicely in your 
pocket or in a protective case. Our newest model, the Sansa Clip Plus is half 
the size of a Sansa Fuze, very light, and it clips to your clothes with its 
built-in clip, no need for a case!  You can wear it on your clothes while you 
exercise or do work around the house, etc.  It's so light, you  might forget 
you're wearing it! This is my personal favorite player! You don't need to 
settle for a cheap screenless player with little to no options, pay big bucks 
for a talking player, or use a music management program which is somewhat 
accessible with your screen reader just to use your MP3 player. On our talking 
MP3 players, you can create your own folders, copy and paste folders and files 
into them, and set up your music library any way you want. It's completely 
under your control. When you purchase your player from us, it'll arrive 
completely set up for use and speaking the menus, sub-menus, folders, and 
files, *you can enable the speaking of your own folders and files with the use 
of the included utility*, All system information is spoken, i.e. battery charge 
level, time and date, how much space is left on your player and microSD card, 
etc. These MP3 players play MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, MP4, M4A, AIFF, plus many 
other file types, *excluding any encrypted/protected files*. The built-in FM 
Radio is fully accessible and has a capacity of 64 presets. You can record from 
the FM radio or record voice notes through the built-in mono microphone. They 
have great bookmarking capabilities, able to maintain your 10 most recent 
bookmarks. Plus, you can expand your player's memory by using microSD or 
microSDHC cards, of which we carry the 4, 8, and 16-GB cards. These players 
have great sound, plus you'll have a wide array of options to customize the 
sound of your player, including such basic items as bass, treble, and balance 
controls! Now, that’s something you don’t see in many MP3 players! When you 
purchase a player from us, you get: Your chosen talking Sansa MP3 player 
(recertified) USB/charging cable Earphones Quick-Start Guide in text and 
Rockbox Manual in PDF format right on the player 2 separate utilities included 
for enabling your own folders and files to be spoken. Free tech support via 
email, Skype, or phone 90-day replacement warranty All prices are in US 
dollars. Shipping & handling is free in the US, and discounted on international 
orders. To avoid any delays when placing orders with a destination outside the 
US, please be sure to select the appropriate international shipping method from 
the combo box on the checkout page. (Instructions for larger orders are 
included on our shopping cart page.) 
http://www.talkingmp3players.com/shopping-cart.html We accept all major credit 
cards, PayPal, and Google Checkout through our online checkout, or you can call 
us to place credit card orders at: 727-498-0121 or Skype me at: lazmesa If you 
have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
  Contact: Email: accessibleelectronics@xxxxxxxxx Phone: 727 498-0121 Skype: 
lazmesa Facebook: facebook.com/laz.mesa 
  These ads were submitted by users and Blind Bargains is not responsible for 
their content.
  4. Most Popular Recent Deals
  Here are the top five posts to Blind Bargains as of the time of this 

  Alera Interval Series High-Performance Swivel/Tilt Task Chair, Black Fabric 
for $129.99 Shipped
  Hitachi XL2000 Desk 2TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Black) for $84.99
  Kingston DataTraveler 8 GB High-Speed USB Flash Drive in White and Yellow for 
  Olympus VN-5200PC Digital Voice Recorder for $40.95 Shipped
  Free Audible DVS movies from the Blind Mice Movie Vault

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