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BlindBargains.com Daily Deals for Tuesday, January 17

It's time to recap the latest deals and news posted to Blind Bargains. Feel 
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In this issue:

  a.. 1. Today's ClassifiedsBig savings on 20 & 24-GB Talking MP3 Players!
  KNFB Reader/Nokia N82 Cell Phone/Mobile Speak = $770 or KNFB software alone = 

  b.. 2. Most Popular Recent DealsDo you ever feel like your sleep patterns are 
different than the rest of the world?  Do you sometimes feel the unwanted urge 
or need to fall asleep during the day time when you need to be awake?  Do you 
also find that you feel just too wide awake to fall or stay asleep during the 
night time?  If you are blind, this could be due to a real sleep problem 
related to the lack of light needed to keep your body's internal clock in sync 
with the day and night cycle.  If you or someone you know might be affected, 
please call 1-888-389-7033 or email info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to learn about an 
ongoing clinical research study that is evaluating a new investigational 
treatment for this type of sleep problem. When calling or online at 
www.non24registry.com, you can also complete a short sleep survey. For each 
completed survey, $25 will be donated to an organization that supports 
individuals with blindness. You may be eligible to participate in the clinical 
trial if you are between 18 and 75 years of age and are totally blind. 
Volunteers will be compensated for their participation in the clinical study 
and will receive study related medication, medical evaluations, and 
transportation at no cost. 
  1. Today's Classifieds
  Here are the latest classifieds posted to Blind Bargains. You can submit your 
own ad to thousands of potential users for only $5.

  Big savings on 20 & 24-GB Talking MP3 Players!

  Get big savings when you order either a 4 or 8-GB Sansa Clip Plus and a 16-GB 
card, resulting in either a 20 or 24-GB Talking MP3 Player! That's enough 
storage space for approximately 5000 to 6000 songs! When you order your 4-GB 
Sansa Clip Plus for $69.99 or 8-GB Sansa Clip Plus for $95.99, you get 50% off 
the 16-GB microSD card, saving you a total of $36! Hurry, this sale runs until 
January 20th! At Accessible electronics, we sell mainstream Sansa MP3 Players 
which we've modified into Talking MP3 Players to enable blind/vision-impaired 
individuals to use them as if sighted. They don't require any music management 
software, have fully accessible talking menus, and are priced very affordably. 
Our players arrive fully set up and speaking, and you can easily use the 
included utility to enable the speaking of your own folders and files. To 
listen to a presentation using our newest Talking MP3 Player, visit: 
http://www.talkingmp3players.com/demo.html Visit our accessories page to read 
about the accessories we carry, microSDHC cards, Fold Out Speaker Stand, Travel 
charger, cases, and more. http://www.talkingmp3players.com/accessories.html For 
more information or to place your order, just visit: 
http://www.talkingmp3players.com/specials.html Our newest model, the Sansa Clip 
Plus is small, very light, and it clips to your clothes with its built-in clip, 
no need for a case!  You can wear it on your clothes while you exercise or do 
work around the house, etc.  It's so light, you  might forget you're wearing 
it! It uses buttons for navigation. This is my favorite player and the one I 
recommend for those new to MP3 players! Our players include these great 
features: Play MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, MP4, M4A, AIFF, plus many other file 
types, except protected file types*, fully accessible FM Radio with 64 possible 
presets, record from radio or voice notes with built-in mono mic, expandable up 
to an extra 32 GB with microSD cards, speed up or slow down playback without 
affecting pitch, wake up alarm and sleep timer, compatible with Windows, MAC, 
and Linux operating systems, just copy and paste folders and files onto the 
player or memory card, fantastic sound with user adjustable balance, bass, 
treble and other sound settings, plus much more! When you purchase a player 
from us, you get: • Your chosen talking Sansa MP3 player (recertified) 
including USB/charging cable and Earphones • Quick-Start Guide and Rockbox 
Manual right on the player • Free tech support via email, Skype, or phone • 
2 separate utilities included for enabling your own folders and files to be 
spoken. • 90-day replacement warranty All prices are in US dollars. Shipping 
& handling is free in the US, and discounted on international orders. To avoid 
any delays when placing orders with a destination outside the US, please be 
sure to select the appropriate international shipping method from the combo box 
on the checkout page. (Instructions for larger international orders are 
included on our shopping cart page.) 
http://www.talkingmp3players.com/shopping-cart.html We accept all major credit 
cards, PayPal, and Google Checkout through our online checkout, or you can call 
727-498-0121 or Skype lazmesa to place your credit card order. If you have any 
questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
  Contact: Email: accessibleelectronics@xxxxxxxxx Phone: 727 498-0121 Skype: 
lazmesa Facebook: facebook.com/laz.mesa 

  KNFB Reader/Nokia N82 Cell Phone/Mobile Speak = $770 or KNFB software alone = 

  Whether you want to install the KNFB Reader software on your own Nokia phone 
or purchase my complete package, this is a great deal for someone who wants to 
carry around a single accessible media device with instant access to OCR. I’m 
selling my license of the KNFB Reader software, Mobile Speak 3.8, the Nokia N82 
phone with a recent version of the Symbian OS and an 8-Gig storage card. I 
still have the original box, all included accessories and a new rubber 
protective case for the N82. Everything works like it is brand new and is in 
excellent condition. I’ll also sell the items separately, including the KNFB 
Reader software, which comes with the original box and media disk. 
  Contact: Call Tim at 410.415.3493 for details. 
  These ads were submitted by users and Blind Bargains is not responsible for 
their content.
  2. Most Popular Recent Deals
  Here are the top five posts to Blind Bargains as of the time of this 

  Logitech Wireless Combo Mouse and Keyboard for $17.77 Shipped
  Sprint and Boost Mobile to Offer Full Version of Mobile Accessibility to its 
Android Users for Free
  Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired Taking Registrations for Latest Online 
Courses Including New Linux Course
  Thermaltake BlacX eSATA USB Docking Station for $$37.99 Shipped
  Logitech K750 Solar-powered Keyboard for $39.99 Shipped

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