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BlindBargains.com Daily Deals for Monday, March 12

It's time to recap the latest deals and news posted to Blind Bargains. Feel 
free to forward this message to your friends.

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In this issue:

  a.. 1. Today Only: Yamaha P-85 Contemporary Digital Piano for $399.99 
  b.. 2. Today Only: HAAN Classic Steam Mop for $34.99
  c.. 3. Folding Grocery Cart for $55.99 Shipped
  d.. 4. Bella 1.2-Liter Deep Fryer for $11.99
  e.. 5. Gamebird Sound Clock for $25.32 Shipped
  f.. 6. Hoover SteamVac Deep Carpet Cleaner for $169.00
  g.. 7. White 16GB Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi for $399.99 Shipped
  h.. 8. 576 Lipton Black Tea Bags for $18.51 [Shipped]
  i.. 9. Today's ClassifiedsID Mate by Envision America - first generation in 
very good condition $100 Free shipping
  KNFB Reader Mobile software only $300 Free Shipping
  Nokia N86 with KNFB Reader $550 also braille Note Pk with GPS $700
  Farview Portable Handheld Video Magnifier With Close-up and Distance Viewing 
- $500
  Discount on Talking Sansa Clip Plus and 50% off 16-GB microSD Cards extended!
  Dell Dimension 4700/w windows eyes
  ibook G4

  j.. 10. Most Popular Recent Deals
  Exciting update on Non-24-Hour Studies in the Blind

  Tasimelteon was shown for the first time to reset the body clock and to align 
it to a constant 24-hour day in patients suffering from Non-24-hour

  · Vanda has donated over $30,000 to blind related non-profits

  · Over 1,000 totally blind NLP individuals have taken the Vanda sleep survey

  · Over 75% report a sleep problem

  · 70% of those screened in the Vanda's main clinical study have a confirmed 
diagnosis of Non-24-Hour

  · Over half of patients in the study have a sleepless night once per month

  · Vanda's main study is close to the target 100 patients but still needs 
additional participants.

  For more information on clinical studies and t! o take the survey, call 
888-389-7033, visit www.non24registry.com or Email info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  1. Today Only: Yamaha P-85 Contemporary Digital Piano for $399.99 [Shipped]
  Today only! Musician's Friend has the Yamaha P-85 Contemporary Digital Piano 
for $399.99 with free shipping! Unit features 88 keys, dial-voice function, 
recording feature, half-pedal effect, and more.

  2. Today Only: HAAN Classic Steam Mop for $34.99
  1SaleADay.com offers the HAAN Classic Steam Mop With 15 Steam Jets, 
Telescoping Handle & 2 Ultra-Microfiber Cleaning Pads for $34.99 plus shipping! 
That's 81% off the List Price of $179.99. Ready to use in less than 3 minutes, 
the HAAN Steam Mop uses tap water for a chemical-free steam clean. Safe on all 
hard-floor surfaces, the 15 steam jets provide powerful cleaning at 212 
degrees. On a full water tank, the HAAN FS20 gets 20 minutes of steam that 
kills 99% of germs, bacteria and dust-mites. The included 2 ultra-microfiber 
cleaning pads are super-absorbent and reusable, leaving floors clean and dry. A 
tank refill light indicates when the tank needs to be refilled, or you can 
listen for the change in sound. A fill cup is also included for easy refilling. 
Heavy-duty aluminum makes up the telescoping handle with an adjustable height 
of up to 50.5 inches. Lightweight, at less than 4 pounds with a full tankof tap 
water, no bottled water necessary!

  3. Folding Grocery Cart for $55.99 Shipped
  Stacks and Stacks via Buy.com has the Super Shopping Cart - Folding Grocery 
Cart in white for $55.99 with free shipping. This high-capacity foldable Super 
Shopping Cart isn't just for trips to the supermarket. It's also useful for 
transporting large loads of laundry, picnic supplies, camping gear and just 
about anything else you need to haul. $$$ Sturdily constructed of metal coated 
with a highly durable epoxy finish, the Super Shopping Cart is reinforced with 
an ultra-strong 12 x 10 steel plate to provide exceptional structural support. 
Rolls smoothly on 1-inch-wide heavy-duty plastic wheels with solid rubber 
tires. Weighs only 20 lbs. but can carry up to 250 lbs! Folds up easily for 
convenient storage. Available in your choice of 4 finishes: Black, Blue, Red or 
White. Running errands will be easy with this Super Shopping Cart. This Cart is 
ideal for grocery shopping and laundry, saving energy and backaches, and is 
compatible with the Green Initiative! Two separate Liners are available, sold 
separately: The Deluxed Hooded Cart Liner is heavy duty and waterproof, made 
from strong, sturdy canvas, available in black, fuschia, green, and lilac. The 
Drawstring Shopping Cart Liner is waterproof, made of nylon, and available in 
yellow, white, red and black. Dimensions: Basket Size: 24 h x 17 w x 14.5 d 
Cart Size: 41.75 h x 24 w x 21 d. Front Wheels: 6 Rear Wheels: 10.

  4. Bella 1.2-Liter Deep Fryer for $11.99
  Kohl's offers the Bella 1.2-Liter Deep Fryer, model no. 15043, for $14.99. 
Coupon code "SMS6532" cuts it to $11.99 with $5.95 shipping. Sales tax is added 
where applicable. The deep fryer features a dishwasher-safe mesh cooking 
basket, dishwasher-safe lid, adjustable thermostat, and more. Coupon expires 
March 17.

  5. Gamebird Sound Clock for $25.32 Shipped
  Always Brilliant via Amazon.com has the Gamebird Sound Clock for $25.32 with 
free shipping. The Game Bird Sound Wall Clock features twelve of the most 
recognized Wild Game Birds in North America. The clock announces each hour with 
the distinct call of a different game bird. Live recordings provided by Cornell 
Laboratory of Ornithology. When the room is dark, a light sensor deactivates 
the sounds. Ideal for the outdoor enthusiast, the packaging includes range maps 
and information on characteristics and habitats of each game bird. The Game 
Bird Sound Wall measures approximately 13.5 inches in diameter x 2 inches deep 
and requires 3 AA batteries, sold separately. Note that assistance will likely 
be required to set the clock for the first time.

  6. Hoover SteamVac Deep Carpet Cleaner for $169.00
  Why rent one when you could easily own one? Walmart offers the Hoover 
SteamVac Dual V Wide Path Extractor Deep Carpet Cleaner in black, model no. 
F7412900, for $169.00. Shipping adds 97 cents, or choose free Site-to-Store. 
Sales tax is added where applicable. This 12-amp carpet cleaner features 
Dual-V, which purports to produce equal suction across the entire cleaning 
path. Other features include direct heat, three speeds, an 8-foot hose, and 

  7. White 16GB Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi for $399.99 Shipped
  The new iPad was announced earlier this week for those needing the latest and 
greatest in hardware and video display technology. This also means the price 
for the iPad 2 is being slashed by many retailers. For example, BesstBuy.com 
offers the white 16GB model with wi-fi for $399.99. Plus, shipping is free. 
It's $100 off the original price for this unit and also $100 less than the 
comparable new iPad, which by the way is sold out for preorders as of this 
writing anyway.

  8. 576 Lipton Black Tea Bags for $18.51 [Shipped]
  Amazon offers the Lipton Black Tea 48-Count Box 12-Pack (576 bags total) for 
$21.78. Add it to your cart via Subscribe and Save to cut it to $18.51 and bag 
free shipping. That's just $0.03 per tea bag! Note: Be sure to cancel Subscribe 
and Save after your order arrives to avoid being billed for subsequent 

  9. Today's Classifieds
  Here are the latest classifieds posted to Blind Bargains. You can submit your 
own ad to thousands of potential users for only $5.

  ID Mate by Envision America - first generation in very good condition $100 
Free shipping

  This ID Mate comes with the unit, charger, shoulder strap, a mix of stick on 
bar codes and rubber banded bar code tags and manual on cassette. The built in 
speaker is a little weak, but plug in ear buds or an external speaker and 
you're good to go. The bar code tags included currently sell for $25 from the 
manufacturer. You can easily have 1000 items labeled on this unit. The 
technology is similar to the Pen Friend, but a lot more bang for the buck. 
  Contact: charlieofalbany@xxxxxxxxxxx

  KNFB Reader Mobile software only $300 Free Shipping

  My N82 bit the dust and I'm not planning on buying another Nokia, so having 
no use for the KNFB Reader Mobile software I've decided to sell my license. You 
will receive the original package and we will have to do a transfer through 
KNFB. If you've ever wanted this software I don't believe you can get it for 
  Contact: charlieofalbany@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Nokia N86 with KNFB Reader $550 also braille Note Pk with GPS $700

  Hi all have a brand new Nokia N86 with KNFB reader for sell asking $550. I 
also have a used Braille Note Pk with Sendero Gps has keysoft 8 on it. Has 
charger, bluetooth gps and the braille note pk. If any questions please contact 
me by email at goalballer324@xxxxxxxxxx I will only accept pay pal payments 
only. Thanks 
  Contact: Goalballer324@xxxxxxxxx

  Farview Portable Handheld Video Magnifier With Close-up and Distance Viewing 
- $500

  This video magnifier is in like new condition. It's approximately two years 
old and has seen very little use. It offers close-up and distance viewing 
capabilities and a host of other features. The magnifier will come with all 
original accessories and packaging. Below, is a link to the Optelec web site 
where you can get a complete description of the magnifier. I'm asking $500 or 
best offer. Acceptable forms of payment are PayPal, money orders, cashier's 
checks and personal checks once they clear. Please write with any questions. 
Optelec web address: 
  Contact: Ed Przybylek - Email address: przy5100@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Discount on Talking Sansa Clip Plus and 50% off 16-GB microSD Cards extended!

  This week we're extending last week's great deal, which is a discount on 8-GB 
Sansa Clip Plus Talking MP3 Players, $89.99, (regularly $95.99).  On top of 
that when you purchase this player this week, you get 50% off the 16-GB microSD 
cards, that's a saving of $30 on the card and $6 on the player!  When you add 
a 16-GB microSD card to your 8-GB player, you get a total storage capacity of 
24 GB!  That's enough storage space for approximately 6000 songs!  This 
special ends on March 16th so get your order in today! We sell mainstream Sansa 
MP3 Players which we've modified into Talking MP3 Players to enable 
blind/vision-impaired individuals to use them as if sighted.  They don't 
require any music management software, have accessible talking menus, and are 
priced very affordably.  Our players arrive fully set up and speaking, and you 
can easily use the included utility to enable the speaking of your own folders 
and files.  To listen to a presentation using our newest Talking MP3 Player, 
visit http://www.talkingmp3players.com/demo.html Visit our accessories page to 
read about the accessories we carry, microSDHC cards, Fold Out Speaker Stand, 
Travel charger, cases, and more. 
http://www.talkingmp3players.com/accessories.html For more information or to 
place your order, just visit http://www.talkingmp3players.com/specials.html The 
Sansa Fuze is the older model, is about the size of a credit card, and uses a 
scroll wheel for navigation. Â The Sansa Clip Plus is the newer model, about 
half the size of the Fuze, has a clip on the back so it can be attached to 
clothing, and uses buttons for navigation. Â They both have the same features 
and functions. Â However I find the Clip Plus easier to use and is the one I 
recommend most often. Our players include these great features: Play most 
popular file formats *excluding encrypted types, fully accessible FM Radio with 
many presets, record from radio or voice notes with built-in mono mic, 
expandable up to an extra 32 GB with microSD cards, speed up or slow down 
tracks without affecting pitch, wake up alarm and sleep timer, compatible with 
Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems, just copy and paste folders and 
files onto the player or memory card, outstanding sound, plus much more! All 
prices are in US dollars.  Shipping & handling is free in the US, and 
discounted on international orders.  To avoid any delays when placing orders 
with a destination outside the US, please be sure to select the appropriate 
international shipping method from the combo box on the checkout page. 
Instructions for larger international orders are included on our shopping cart 
page http://www.talkingmp3players.com/shopping-cart.html We accept all major 
credit cards, PayPal, and Google Checkout through our online checkout, or you 
can call 727-498-0121 or Skype lazmesa to place your credit card order. If you 
have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
  Contact: Email: accessibleelectronics@xxxxxxxxx Phone: 727 498-0121 Skype: 
lazmesa Facebook: facebook.com/laz.mesa 

  Dell Dimension 4700/w windows eyes

  Have 3 Dell Dimension 4700/w xp/sp3 and windows eyes. Have the system rebuild 
with clean OS reload. It all has 1.5 to 2 GB or ram and office pro 2003. Asking 
for $100 each or all 3 for $250. Call Andy 916-285-7376

  ibook G4

  Have a used and in good condition unit and have OS 10.4 clean install. The 
battery holds full charge, and can run 1 hr before it needs a new charge. 
Asking for $150 plus shipping or OBO. Andy
  Contact: andyq_95926@xxxxxxxxx 
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their content.
  10. Most Popular Recent Deals
  Here are the top five posts to Blind Bargains as of the time of this 

  #CSUN12 Audio: Demystifying the NBP Braille Notetaker
  #CSUN12 Audio: New Notetaking and Braille Options from Hims
  #CSUN12 Audio: A 49-minute Demo of the BraillePlus Second Generation
  #CSUN12 Audio: A Unique iOS Bluetooth Keypad from Mobience
  #CSUN12 Audio: This Ain't your Grandma's Blio

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