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BlindBargains.com Daily Deals for Friday, July 29

It's time to recap the latest deals and news posted to Blind Bargains. Feel 
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In this issue:

  a.. 1. Ask the Readers: Your Favorite iPhone Accessories
  b.. 2. Today's ClassifiedsID Mate Summit: $600 Plus Shipping.
  Great opportunity: Free Wall/Travel Charger with purchase of Talking Mp3 

  c.. 3. Most Popular Recent DealsDo you ever feel like your sleep patterns are 
different than the rest of the world? If you are totally blind, this could be 
due to a real sleep problem related to the lack of light needed by your body's 
internal clock.  If you think you might be affected, you can call 
1-888-389-7033 or email info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to take a sleep survey or to 
learn more about an ongoing clinical research study. Those interested may also 
take the survey online at www.non24registry.com. 
  1. Ask the Readers: Your Favorite iPhone Accessories
  With the iPhone undoubtedly now the most popular phone for the blind and 
visually impaired, a lot of users have found some rather cool and useful 
accessories. Like most devices, everything from fancy cases and keyboards to 
batteries and chargers is available but unfortunately, these items vary widely 
in quality as well. So we'd like to know what your favorite iPhone or iPod 
accessories are. If you know a brand or exact item name, that would be helpful 
in order to help other users find them as well. Sound off in the comments.

  2. Today's Classifieds
  Here are the latest classifieds posted to Blind Bargains. You can submit your 
own ad to thousands of potential users for only $5.

  ID Mate Summit: $600 Plus Shipping.

  In escellent condition with 1GB card and all labels included. Case And 
Charger; Latest firmware. Has one more update coming.
  Contact: Contact if interested at: Paulh52@xxxxxxxxxxx on on twitter at pfh52.

  Great opportunity: Free Wall/Travel Charger with purchase of Talking Mp3 

  At Accessible electronics, we sell fully set up accessible Rockboxed talking 
mp3 players that are perfect for the blind/vision impaired. To listen to a 
presentation using our newest Rockboxed Talking MP3 Player, visit this link on 
our site: http://www.talkingmp3players.com/demo.html This week we're having a 
fantastic special, in which we're giving away our most popular accessory free 
with the purchase of any 8-GB player! The Wall/Travel charger is normally 
$10.99 and enables you to charge your player without the use of a computer, 
plus it's also a great accessory for our Portable Fold-out Speakers! The wall 
charger will be automatically added to your order during this week at no extra 
charge! This special ends on August 4th. Visit our accessories page to read 
about the accessories we carry, microSDHC cards, Fold Out Speaker Stand, Travel 
charger, cases, and more. http://www.talkingmp3players.com/accessories.html To 
order your 8-GB player and receive the wall/travel charger absolutely free, 
visit: http://www.talkingmp3players.com/specials.html The Sansa Fuze is about 
the size of a credit card and about as thick as 4 credit cards put together. It 
fits nicely in your pocket or in a protective case. Our newest model, the Sansa 
Clip Plus is half the size of a Sansa Fuze, very light, and it clips to your 
clothes with its built-in clip, no need for a case!  You can wear it on your 
clothes while you exercise or do work around the house, etc.  It's so light, 
you  might forget you're wearing it! This is my personal favorite player! You 
don't need to settle for a cheap screenless player with little to no options, 
you don't need to pay hundreds of dollars for a talking player, you don't need 
to use some less-than-blind friendly music management program just to use your 
MP3 player, and you don't need any expensive scripts just to make any music 
management program somewhat accessible with your screen reader. On our talking 
MP3 players, you can create your own folders, copy and paste folders and files 
into them, and set up your music library any way you want. It's completely 
under your control. When you purchase your player from us, it'll arrive 
completely set up for use and speaking the menus, sub-menus, folders, and 
files, *you can enable the speaking of your own folders and files with the use 
of the included utility*, All system information is spoken, i.e. battery charge 
level, time and date, how much space is left on your player and microSD card, 
etc. These MP3 players play MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, MP4, M4A, AIFF, plus many 
more other file types, *excluding any encrypted/protected files*. The built-in 
FM Radio is fully accessible and has a capacity of 64 presets. You can record 
from the FM radio or record voice notes through the built-in mono microphone. 
They have great bookmarking capabilities, able to maintain your 10 most recent 
bookmarks. Plus, you can expand your player's memory by using microSD or 
microSDHC cards, of which we carry the 4, 8, and 16-GB cards. These players 
have great sound, plus you'll have a wide array of options to customize the 
sound of your player, including such basic items as bass, treble, and balance 
controls! Now, that’s something you don’t see in many MP3 players! When you 
purchase a player from us, you get: Your chosen talking Sansa MP3 player 
(recertified) USB/charging cable Earphones Quick-Start Guide in text and 
Rockbox Manual in PDF format right on the player 2 separate utilities included 
for enabling your own folders and files to be spoken. Free customer/tech 
support via email, Skype, or phone 90-day replacement warranty All prices are 
in US dollars. Shipping & handling is free in the US, and discounted on 
international orders. To avoid any delays when placing orders with a 
destination outside the US, please be sure to select the appropriate 
international shipping method from the combo box on the checkout page. 
(Instructions for larger orders are included on our shopping cart page.) 
http://www.talkingmp3players.com/shopping-cart.html We accept all major credit 
cards, PayPal, and Google Checkout through our online checkout, or you can call 
us to place credit card orders at: 727-498-0121 or Skype me at: lazmesa If you 
have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
  Contact: Email: accessibleelectronics@xxxxxxxxx Phone: 727 498-0121 Skype: 
lazmesa Facebook: facebook.com/laz.mesa 
  These ads were submitted by users and Blind Bargains is not responsible for 
their content.
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