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First I extend an invitation to anyone who wishes to share a tech tip to be  
shared with the group.  Thanks for your patience with my sometime later in the 
day postings.



Adaptive Information Systems 

 I have inserted an asterisk before each major section of this article.  The 
find and replace feature of a word processor can be used to jump between the 
three main sections.



*I.  HomePage of Adaptive Information Systems Inc.



1.  There is one heading on the home page explain that the owner is very sick 
and the site is undergoing transition.  The first heading explains the site 
owner is seriously sick and the site will be undergoing transition.

From the site:

"Adaptive Information Systems is currently undergoing transitional leadership 
due to the owner having life threatening medical issues. Hopefully business 
will eventually continue by the help of family members. Thank you everyone who 
has supported Adaptive Information Systems and for all the thoughts, prayers, 
and support for Roger Behm and his family during this difficult time."


2.  Links on the HomePage include the following:



      For good original country music, the Country Club monthly newsletter and 
audio magazine, check out Ray Starr's World at www.cheeseheadhosting.us. Also 
for those who love Old Time radio you will find tens of thousands of Old Time 
radio shows and over 2,000 DVS movies audio files too! 


b. Specials


Information available in this section depends on what is available that day, 
week or month.  Today one will find the following/.

"AIS offers many online instant off coupons on many of AIS products.

They range from $25.00 to $500.00 off, watch for the designation before 
products stating coupon available!"


c.  Downloads



This section contains several heading attached to links where the visitor is 
taken to a page of downloads regarding the topic of that heading.   I will 
address how to download a file under roman numeral three  llater in this 
article.  later in this.  The process for download is the same for any file.

Below is the list of headings and links.


android files
http://adaptiveinformation.org/downloads.php?link=android files
http://adaptiveinformation.org/downloads.php?link=TOBI DAISY FILES
This is not the same specials list explained previously.
http://adaptiveinformation.org/downloads.php?link=OBI DAISY FILES
AIS Docs
http://adaptiveinformation.org/downloads.php?link=AIS Docs
OBI daisy files
http://adaptiveinformation.org/downloads.php?link=OBI daisy files
nuance software voices
http://adaptiveinformation.org/downloads.php?link=nuance software voices
window-eyes files
·         http://adaptiveinformation.org/downloads.php?link=window-eyes files



d.  products


This section gives a list of products available through Adaptive Information 

On the date of writing this article, there were 39 products available.

Visitors using a screenreader can move through the product list by pressing the 
letter h.  Below each product is a item code and cost.

E.  Blind Friendly Links


Here one can find a wide range of blind friendly  links.  I am inserting all of 
them under roman numeral two.  


f.  contact us

Adaptive Information Systems Incorporated
1611 Clover Lane
Janesville WI, 53545-1388
Toll Free: (877) 792 4768
International: +1 (608) 758 0933
Fax: +1 (608) 758 7898

Next on this section of the page is a link to send the site owner, Roger, an 



*II.  List of Blind Friendly Links:

First I will once again include the main link to access all the blind friendly 
links listed on the Adaptive Informations SystemsHome page.


Blind Friendly Links main link


Below are all the individual blind links.



·      National Federation of the Blind http://www.nfb.org

·      National Federation of the Blind of Wisconsin http://www.nfbwis.org

·      HumanWare http://www.humanware.com

·      GW Micro http://www.gwmicro.com

·      AI Squared http://www.aisquared.com

·      Duxbury Systems http://www.duxsys.com

·      Sendero Group http://www.senderogroup.com

·      KNFB Mobile Reader http://knfbreader.com

·      Plextalk http://www.plextalk.com/in/

·      Access Technology Institute - Tutorials for the Blind 

·      Reading Made Easy http://www.premier-programming.com

·      NLS digital books and magazines https://nlsbard.loc.gov

·      Bookshare http://bookshare.org

·      RFB&D http://www.rfbd.org/

·      NIMAS Guides http://nimas.cast.org

·      National Braille Press http://www.nbp.org

·      Next generation jaysay jawbones dragon http://www.ngtvoice.com/products/

·      Handytech North America http://www.handytech.us

·      Code Factory http://www.codefactory.es/en/

·      Nuance TALKS http://www.nuance.com/

·      En-vision America http://www.envisionamerica.com

·      Freedom Scientific http://www.freedomscientific.com

·      EVAS Reading Systems http://www.reading-systems.com

·      Enabling Technologies http://www.brailler.com

·      The Radio Music for Listening http://www.theradio.com

·      Classic TV Shows http://www.classicmediadvd.com/

·      Dancing Dots http://www.dancingdots.com

·      ACB http://www.acb.org

·      AFB http://www.afb.org

·      Iowa Commision for the Blind http://www.blind.state.ia.us

·      American Printing house for the Blind http://www.aph.org

·      National Réhabilitation Information Center http://www.naric.com

·      Colorado Center for the Blind http://www.cocenter.org

·      Blind Inc. http://www.blindinc.org

·      Louisiana Center for the Blind http://www.lcb-ruston.com

·      Wisconsin Center for Blind and Visually Impaired 

·      Wisconsin Council for the Blind http://wcblind.org


*III.  Downloading a file from Adaptive Information Systems:

1.  Visist the link below which is the HomePage of Adaptive Information Systems.



If using a mouse, click on the "downloads" link.

Screenreader users do the following:

a.  Press control plus the letter f.

b.  type in "down" without quotes and press enter.

c.  You are placed on the "downloads" link so press enter to activate this 
link.  Yes, one could arrow down to the link.But using the find option is 


If using a screenreader:

a.  Press control plus the letter f.

b.  Type in "manual" without quotes and press enter.

c.  Press enter again and you are in the page of manuals.


If using a mouse, click on the "manuals" link.

4.  If using a screenreader, press control plus the letter f.

b.  Type in "id" without quotes and hit enter.


c. If using a mouse, highlight the  link for "id mate quest bar code reader and 
more from en-vision america review.mp3"

5.  Using a screenreader, 

a.  Press the application key and arrow to "save target as" and hit enter.


b.  If using a mouse, click the right mouse button and then click on "save 
target as."


Navigate to where you would like to save the file being downloaded.

7.  if using a screenreader, press alt plus the letter s.  you should hear the 
progress of the download.


If using a mouse, click on save. You will see the  progress on screen.


The process explained in steps five through seven is how you download any file 
on this site and most others.



I have download all the updates, manuals and am currently working on all the 
freeware files.


Next week I will give a detailed explanation on how to down files from "Ray 
Star's World."

That site has over ten thousand old time radio shows and much more.




This Week's Verse and Inspiring Thought 

Walk In Love

Ephesians 5:2:  And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for 
us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. (ESV) 


Thought:  Walk in Love

The love described here is agape love. Christ demonstrated how to walk in love 
by his supreme example. When he washed the disciples' feet, when he fed the 
hungry, when he healed the hurting, when he offered himself up on the cross, he 
taught us how to walk in love. 

We love one another with gifts of sacrifice. As we love like Jesus, we become a 
fragrant offering, pleasing to God. 

Prayer:  Father Mother Head of all that exist, let me be wheat sown in the 
earth, to be harvested for you. I want to follow wherever you lead me. Give me 
fresh hope and joy in serving you all the days of my life and walk in love for 
others.  In the name of Jesus, Amen..




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