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been posted to the Tek Talk Archives Archives and can also be found on the
front page of http://accessibleworld.org/ under the "Recent Content" 

The link to the full description of the archive is below:

The link to download the file is below:

Tek Talk Archives description:

Tek talk is so very pleased to welcome Mr. Rich De Steno who will discuss 
demonstrate is free computer games that he has created.  Please read the
description of his games below.

1. Atlantic City Blackjack is a full featured blackjack game which
closely follows the blackjack rules of the New Jersey Gaming Commission.
2.  Destination Mars is a game in which you are presented with the
challenge of making a successful trip from Earth to Mars.  You are
presented with many obstacles, challenges and dangerous situations along
the way.
3.  Run For President is a game in which you run against the computer
for President of the United States.  It is a parody of a Presidential
election with extensive humorous commentary.  It also includes many
facts about the Presidency and the actual voices of all Presidents since
Calvin Coolidge.
4.  Dodge City Desperados is a game in which you are the Marshal of
Dodge City during the days of the wild west and you must rid the town of
the three outlaw Desperado brothers; however, the assignment proves to
be rather difficult and extremely dangerous.
5.  Tiny Zebras Rock is a word game in which you must guess three-word
phrases consisting of an adjective, a plural noun, and a verb.  The
words are put together randomly and are often quite nonsensical and
funny, such as Tiny Zebras Rock.  You are awarded points depending on
how quickly you guess the phrase.
All games are free, accessible with screen-reading software, and include
extensive sound effects.

Presenter: Rich De Steno
E-Mail: ironrock@xxxxxxxxxxx

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