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the Tek Talk Archives Archives and can also be found on the front page of
http://accessibleworld.org/ under the "Recent Content" heading.

The link to the full description of the archive is below:

The link to download the file is below:

Tek Talk Archives description:

ABiSee, Inc. Announces Two New Portable Products for the Visually Impaired
January 30, 2013
AbiSee, Inc., has announced the release of their new-low vision and 
products: Eye-Pal Ace and Eye-Pal ROL.
Eye-Pal Ace and Eye-Pal ROL feature a built-in set of cameras and integrated
controls, which eliminates the need for a separate control pad or protruding
camera arms. A rechargeable battery allows the devices to be truly portable
and makes the inconvenience of entangled wires obsolete.
In addition, Eye-Pal Ace includes a built-in screen, which allows the
low-vision users to use Ace as a companion for a multitude of tasks, from
reading recipes while cooking to playing bridge with neighbors.
In line with the ABiSee, Inc.'s signature offering of fast and accurate 
recognition in its products, both new devices can read standard and fine
print as well as glossy magazines, pill bottle labels, product packaging,
restaurant menus and other non-standard or hard-to-decipher printed
materials. Both devices also incorporate ABiSee's exclusive AudioMinder
technology, making them the only assistive reading devices enabled to help
their users with keeping track of their schedule.
Eye-Pal Ace and Eye-Pal ROL have been unveiled at the ATIA Orlando 2013
Conference the week of January 28, 2013.

Presentor: Igor Feinberg, Abisee, Inc.
E-Mail: igor@xxxxxxxxxx
Website: www.abisee.com

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