[accesscomp] FW: update on work at home jobs for people with disabilities and an article regarding accessibility of Fire smartphone from Amazon.

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Subject: update on work at home jobs for people with disabilities and an
article regarding accessibility of Fire smartphone from Amazon.


Below is further information regarding work at home  jobs for people with
disabilities, followed by an article regarding accessibility of  Fire
smartphone from Amazon.



On Monday June 30, I posted information regarding work at home jobs for the
blind or visually impaired.  Since information from some state wide
employment specialist shared that 

people who use screen reader software cannot work at NTI. Only ZoomText



NTI was contacted by one of the list members who is an employment specialist
in Texas.  via email and a staff member called back with in 20 minutes
regarding Enquiries.    


The staff person said that they'd really like to have work for people who
use screen readers and actually encouraged people to apply. He said that
they've found a work around to where the person can get through their
initial training and then they'd be put in an applicant pool so that when
they have a company that contracts with them who's software either works
with screen reader or the company is willing to change their
settings/software (sometimes it's a real simple fix) to work with screen
reader software, they'd have people they could pull from the pool and
immediately start work. So this information was sent to the employment
specialists through the state of Texas.  


Another work at home site for people with disabilities (JLodge) was
recommended  by the same list member. 



is their website. The only way to apply for a job with 

them is to go through a rehabilitation counselor and get the link. This is
to ensure that 

they only hire people with disabilities since it's a virtual call center.
Just like NTI, JLodge 

charges fees to the VR agency for on the job training, although JLodge
charges less 

than NTI. And, like NTI only screen magnification software works at this
time. It's a part 

time job - 20 hours a week- monitoring calls for quality assurance for
companies. Their 

website gives a lot of good information. 


I will be examining the site for Friday's tip.



Amazon touts accessibility of  Fire smartphone

Thursday, 19 June 2014 11:49am 

Amazon has announced that accessibility has taken centre stage in its new
Fire smartphone.

The company, better known for its Kindle e-reader and its online shopping
site, has stated that its 



contains features to address vision, hearing and motor-related impairments.

For vision-related impairments the phone features:

.         A screen reader incorporating 

*       http://www.ivona.com/us/


.         adjustable to five different speeds.

.         Navigation using accessibility gestures (including a tutorial on
gestures) or through dragging a finger over items on the screen.

.         A screen magnifier activated by a triple tap on the screen. Users
can pinch to adjust the zoom level on the phone and swipe with two fingers
to pan around a page.

.         Options for high-contrast colour combinations.

For hearing-related impairments the phone features:

.         Closed Captioning for Amazon Instant Videos (though captions not
available for all titles).

.         Adjustable captions (including text colour, size, opacity, font
style, edge style, background colour).

.         Hearing aid compatibility (Rated of T4/M4 and compliant with the
US FCC Hearing Aid Compatibility requirements).

.         TTY mode (text telephone/telecommunication device for the Deaf)
offers Full, HCO (Hearing Carry Over), and VCO (Voice Carry Over) options.

.         Stereo to mono audio - users can direct all audio through a single
channel (left or right).

For mobility-related impairments the phone features:

.         Amazon voice assist (voice dictation).

.         One-handed navigation and shortcuts - tilt, auto-scroll, swivel
and peek to access menus.

.         Low motion mode - turns off tilt, auto-scroll, swivel, peek, and
Dynamic Perspective features to avoid automatically launching any actions or

The Fire is currently only available in the US and prices for the device
start at US$199. Further details are available on 





Freedome verse for Tuesday July 1st 2014

Luke 4:18-19 
The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
because he has anointed me
to preach good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
and recovery of sight for the blind,
to release the oppressed,
to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor. (NIV)



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