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Dan's tip for July 9 2015

Things to ponder:

Fact of the day:

Neuticles are synthetic testicles for neutered pets. The tagline: "It's like
nothing ever changed."

Submitted by Holly Sager Hueytown, AL

A space shuttle will enter orbit upside down relative to the Earth.

The Bee Gees never liked their name. In fact, after Robert Stigwood signed
on as the band's producer in 1967, the group lobbied to change it. But what
could possibly be better than The Bee Gees? The band suggested Rupert's
World. Luckily, their manager nixed the notion.

The title of the Paul Simon song "Mother and Child Reunion" came from a
chicken-and-egg dish that appeared on a Chinese restaurant menu in NYC.

Dolph Lundgren, who played Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, has a master's degree in
chemical engineering. He's also Swedish.

How to Download Almost 500 Free Microsoft Books and Publications

Submitted by v.laurie

Office 365 eBookWindows 10 eBookPeriodically, Microsoft makes an assortment
of its publications available for free. Another selection has just been made
available for download and includes free Microsoft eBooks, User Guides,
Deployment Guides, Step-By-Steps, and other publications. The offerings can
be seen and downloaded
xchange-server-lync-2013-system-center-azure-clo.aspx> at this MSDN link.


There are eBooks in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF format and many shorter documents in
PDF format. Among the eBooks is the new offering, "Introducing Windows 10
for IT Professionals, Preview Edition". There are many specialized
publications for technology professionals but also starter guides for
Microsoft Office programs such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Altogether, there are nearly 500 publications.

Here is Dan's experience downloading a few Windows Ten tutorials.

After visiting the link shown above, I did the following.

1. I was looking for tutorials regarding Wndows ten. So I activated the
find option of IE with the keyboard command of control plus the letter f. I
am using JAWS and System access since that is what on the current computer I
am using.

2. Next I typed in "windows 10" without any quotes and hit enter.

3. The cursor was placed upon " Introducing Windows 10 for IT
Professionals, Preview Edition"

4. Directly below the book title are three file types to choose from.


5. I selected the pdf format by arrowing down to it.

6. Next press the application key and arrow down to "save target as."

7. Hit enter.

8. B=Navigate to where you wish to save the file.

9. Press alt plus the letter s and the file is saved.

10. Most screenreader software read pdf files now. However, if you have
Opened Book, DocuScann, or Kurzweil scanning software on your computer,
those programs will open a pdf file where one can save the file in rtf etc.

Below each publication there the same three choices for formats to download.

JPEG image

JPEG image

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