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I prefer DropBox because it is just like using Windows Explorer. You can
place files in the public folder and then right-click on the file. Choose
the Drop Box menu and then copy a link to the file to your clipboard. You
can send a link to a file to someone that way. If you wish, you can share
folders with other people which is also great.

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Yes, I know alot about it.
What do u want to know?

On 8/8/11, Sherri <flmom2006@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There are two file sharing sites that I know of, Dropbox and 
> Sendspace. I have been using Sendspace for quite some time and 
> actually got the paid version. I just installed Dropbox. Does anyone 
> know about it and if you use both, which do you prefer? Thanks.
> Sherri Brun
> flmom2006@xxxxxxxxx
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