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You can tell how inexperienced I am. I thought I hadn't done the right thing, so I went in again and changed something lower down. I don't even know what it is. Now I can't even see all my drives. I know that they're there because I checked the amount, and I hear 9, which is what I have since I have three external drives. I found that I can make these appear by typing the first letter of each. If one appears then the other disappears. I thought at first that I couldn't even get back to that dialogue since only four things are listed in the control panel, but I found if I typed F I could get back there. This did work. I'm trying to change things back to the way they used to be, but whatever I do I can't get it changed back so I can see all of the drives. I'm sorry to be so computer illiterate.

Jean Seither
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Jean with a J,

It sounds like you have successfully turned on the feature to display hidden files.
Now you need to go  to the list of files to see them.
I go to Windows Explore, by pressing Windows Key plus the letter E.
On this treeview, find the folder where your WORD files are stored.
Tab once and you are on the list of files.
Any hidden files I deleted start with the ~$ characters. In fact, those characters replace the first two characters of the normal file name.
You may or may not have any.
As has been pointed out, you want to exercise caution. I have only ever deleted hidden files associated with WORD files, never any system files. If you have some and they are not bothering you, it does not hurt to leave them. As I stated earlier, I backup a large folder to a thumb drive. The first time I wanted to delete the hidden files I think I had more of them than the actual files and they were hogging the space on the relatively small thumb drive.


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That's exactly what I did. There's no way for me not to go back to the control panel, even by pressing the space bar..
Jean Seither

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