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  • Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 23:36:16 -0500

Can anyone recommend a good digital recorder that is easy to use and has
at least 1 GB of storage space.  I'm thinking of purchasing the Olympus
DS-61 Stereo Digital Voice Recorder  which has these features:  the
Olympus DS-61 has the ability to record and playback WMA media format,
you can use the DS-61 for voice as well as music or other digital audio
files. The included USB cable makes uploading and downloading your high
quality digital stereo recordings quick and simple. The internal 2GB of
memory, large back-lit LCD, compact design, voice activation, and
multiple recording formats make the DS-61 a great choice for
professionals and students alike. 
 I would like your opinions of those of you that either have a good
digital recorder and which they think is the best to purchase. 
Naturally, I  need one that talks and cannot take advantage of a device
that has a back-lit LCD screen.  It is going to be use for some lectures
and office meetings...Thanks for the assistance and your recommendations.
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