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    Time To Make The Emails

Did you know that you can use Microsoft Outlook to make emails in advance 
and have them go out automatically hours, days, weeks, months or even years 
later?  For example, let's say you want to send out an email about a team 
meeting next Friday but you want everyone to receive it on Thursday. 
Instead of waiting until Thursday to compose and send the email you could 
write it now and time it to go out on Thursday morning.  You could even use 
this feature to schedule a reminder email to yourself about an upcoming 
event or meeting.

If you don't use Microsoft Outlook for your email check the system you do 
use for similar features.  Also, please note that if you are using an 
online, webmail version of Outlook or Outlook Express these directions might 
not work for you.

Here's send a timed email in Microsoft Outlook:

1)     Start a new email by clicking the  button in the upper left hand 
corner of the screen or press control plus the letter n from the keyboard.

2)      For this example we'll have you send a timed email to yourself. 
Type your own email address in the "TO:" line of the new email.  If you 
wanted to send a timed email to someone else or a group of people you'd type 
in their addresses instead.

3)      Under "Subject:" type in "It's time to go home" and type whatever 
you want in the message area.

4)      Now to set the timing.  Look for "Options." in the toolbar and click 
on it.

From the keyboard, press alt plus p followed by the letter d.

5)     Tab across and  in the box that appears check the box for "Do not 
deliver before" and then set the date and time.

Make sure to read the date and time format that already in the box.  For 
example in the date box it will show 9/18/2012 if you are trying this out 
today.  To change this, type over it or backspace it out and enter a new 
date in the same format.

6.  Press enter when you have completed entering the date and time.  You are 
placed back into the message.

7.  Press alt plus s or click on send and wait for the your message to 
arrive at your chosen time/date.

6)     Now click  to send or press alt plus s  to send this email to 
yourself.  If you did everything correctly you should get this email from 
yourself at the time and date  yu set in step number five.

Dan Thompson
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