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Dan's Tech Tips:
Rest Of The IPad And IPhone Tips
TIP 13:
            How to Get Tabbed Browsing
You can have up to nine pages open at a time in Safari running on the iOS 
version 4, and you need to flip between a large full page and small tiled 
pages. It's certainly not so convenient as tabbed browsing.
If tabbed browsing is your preference, then try other free browsers such as 
Terra Browser.
With this alternate browser, you can switch between tabs as easily as you do 
with most desktop browsers. Among other features such as bookmarks support, you 
can touch and hold a web link to copy, open in the current page, in a new tab 
or in the background.
TIP 14:
How to Add Mail Accounts, Sync Notes and Calendars
The iPad allows for adding multiple mail accounts including GMail, Yahoo, 
Exchange and others. To set up a mail account is straightforward especially for 
this example GMail.
Open the app Settings and select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" on the left panel.
Tap "Add Account...", select GMail, then enter name, address and password.
Tap "Next" for verifying.
Leave the sync settings "On" for Mail, Calendars and Notes, tap "Save" to 
After this setting, you can then open the app Mail to send an email and check 
incoming mails, check and edit entries in the apps Notes and Calendar, which 
are automatically synced with your GMail account over the air.
How to Change Mail Signature and Notes Font
Each time you send out an email using the Mail app, it adds a signature "Sent 
from my iPad". If you dislike this signature, clear or replace it with your own.
Open Settings, select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", and tap "Signature" on the 
right panel.
Clear the signature "Sent from my iPad", or replace it with your signature or 
Tab the "Mail, Contacts..." button when done.
Likewise, you can change the font in the Notes app easily. Go to Settings > 
Notes > Font, tick "Helvetica" if you prefer a widely used sans-serif typeface 
easier for reading and editing than Noteworthy and Marker Felt.
Sync Contacts using PC-based iTunes
With PC-based iTunes, you can sync your Contacts on your iPad with a sync 
After connecting your iPad to your PC, open up iTunes manually if it's not set 
to auto start, then select the iPad item under "Devices".
Click "Info" next to "Summary" in iTunes.
Tick "Sync Contacts with", select a sync provider, e.g. Google Contacts, and 
configure your ID and password.
Click the "Sync" button.
Open the app Contacts on your iPad, and check if the contacts are synced with 
your GMail contacts, for example. See also: How to Sync iPad with PC-based 
TIP 15:
How to Turn your iPad into a Digital Photo Frame
With the default Photos app, you can easily slideshow your collection of 
photos, with options for transition effects and music.
But even before you unlock your device, you can turn your iPad into a digital 
photo frame, just tap the "Picture Frame" icon.
Can you show each photo faster or slower? Yes. Open the app Settings, select 
"Picture Frame" on the left panel, then on the right panel, select a time 
interval you need. You can also choose a transition effect, select zoom, 
shuffle and albums.
TIP 16:
How to Download PDFs to iBooks via Browser
The app iBooks developed by Apple is free to install and it supports PDF 
format. When you download and read a PDF file in a browser such as Safari, you 
can also transfer the PDF file to the library for reading in iBooks anytime 
In Safari on your iPad, tap a PDF download, e.g. "9 Great Freeware Programs 
that Should be on Every PC", the browser then displays the PDF content after 
Touch the screen, and tap the "Open in iBooks" button at the top.
When opening up in iBooks, the PDF file is automatically added to the library 
for you.
How to Sync iPad with PC-based iTunes
Syncing iPad with your PC-based iTunes provides a backup copy of your apps, 
music, videos and other data files on your PC. In case you've accidentally 
deleted some files from your iPad, you can restore them back with syncing. It's 
also a way to get apps, songs and videos from your PC to your iPad, besides 
getting them directly with the App Store and iTunes apps on your device.
To get this to work, iTunes is required on your PC. If you've not installed it, 
you can get it here, then follow these steps for syncing your iPad with the 
PC-based iTunes:
Connect your iPad to your PC using the cable provided.
iTunes should open up on your PC and sync your iPad automatically based on the 
settings. Otherwise launch the iTunes manually on your PC, select the iPad item 
under "Devices" (see the screenshot) and click the "Sync" button for syncing.
Click the Apply button to sync again if you've changed any options in the 
Click the Eject button in the iTunes to disconnect it from your iPad when 
TIP 17:
How to Lock your iPad
Don't like your kids to mess with your device or someone to read your emails on 
your iPad? Lock it with a password.
Open the app Settings and select "General" on the left panel.
Select "Passcode Lock" on the right panel.
Tap "Turn Passcode On".
Enter a 4-digit passcode, and the same again to confirm.
Each time when your iPad is turned on, you'll have to enter the 4-digit 
passcode to access your iPad.
How to Find Your iPad
Is there a way to locate your iPad if it gets lost or stolen? Yes. Not only 
possibly can you locate it, but you can display a message or play a sound on 
your iPad, lock it using its existing passcode, or even erase all data on your 
device remotely, with help of the feature "Find my iPad" that can be enabled on 
your device.
Open Settings app, select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and check that "Fetch New 
Data" is set to Push.
Select "Add Account...", choose MobileMe, then enter your Apple ID and password.
When prompted, click "OK" to allow MobileMe to use the location of your iPad.
Keep the setting "Find My iPad" on and tap "Save".
Then try to find your iPad:
Sign in with your Apple ID at me.com using a PC web browser, or another device 
installed with Find My iPhone.
Once your device's location is updated on a Google map, click the right-angle 
or info button next to the device name.
Click "Display Message or Play Sound", "Lock..." or "Wipe..." as you need to.
TIP 18:
How to Reboot the System
In the event your iPad apps freeze or the system becomes unresponsive, you can 
try to reboot the system as follows:
Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button at the top right corner of your iPad until 
a red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider and the system will 
turn off. (Alternatively, press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the 
Home button at the same time until the system turns off.)
Turn the system on by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button until the 
Apple logo appears.
How to Get iPad User Guide
In addition to these tips and tricks covering some quick and easy points, if 
you wish to read a full manual on iPad features, controls and the built-in 
apps, you can get a free copy of the iPad User Guide from Apple here in PDF 
format or here in a handy eBook format.
If you've installed the free app iBooks on your iPad, open the app, tap the 
"Store" button and search for "iPad User Guide", you can then download the 
Guide directly into your iBooks for reading.
If you have any questions about the tips posted in Dan's Tech tips, please 
contact Dan at the following email address:

Robert Acosta, President
Helping Hands for the Blind
Email: boacosta@xxxxxxxxxxx
Web Site: www.helpinghands4theblind.org

You can assist Helping Hands for the Blind by donating your used computers to 
us. If you have a blind friend in need of a computer, please mail us at the 
above address.

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