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    Dan's Tech Tips:
Selecting, Copying/Pasting And Cutting Text In Word 2007 
Text can be selected in small and large amounts. 
To select text, use these commands: 
Small amounts of text can be done by adding shift toa windows command. 
Select the next letter SHIFT-RIGHT ARROW 
Select the previous letter SHIFT-LEFT ARROW 
Select to the same column in the next row SHIFT-DOWN ARROW 
Select to the same column in the previous row SHIFT-UP ARROW 
Select to the end of the line SHIFT-END 
Select to the beginning of the line SHIFT-HOME 
Select to the next screen SHIFT-PAGE DOWN 
Select to the previous screen SHIFT-PAGE UP 
Larger amounts of text can be selected by adding the control along with shift. 
When you add the control key with shift while selecting textwhen selecting text 
allows for 
Below are the commands for selecting larger amounts of text. 
select the next word CTRL-SHIFT-RIGHT ARROW 
Select the previous word CTRL-SHIFT-LEFT ARROW 
Select to the end of the paragraph CTRL-SHIFT-DOWN ARROW 
Select to the beginning of the paragraph CTRL-SHIFT-UP ARROW 
Select to the end of the page CTRL-SHIFT-PAGE DOWN 
Select to the beginning of the page CTRL-SHIFT-PAGE UP 
Select to the end of the document CTRL-SHIFT-END 
Select to the beginning of the document CTRL-SHIFT-PAGE UP 
You can remove selection from all text by pressing any ARROW KEY.To remove 
selection from a block of text, use the commands shown below.. 
remove selection from one character, press SHIFT-LEFT ARROW. 
Move to the beginning of selected text and remove selection, press the left 
Move to the end of selected text and remove the selection, press the 
When text is selected, Touching any key could overwrite or delete the text. 
To review selected text and insure you have selected the text you wanted to 
select, use the Window-Eyes command to read the marked text.Press CTRL-SHIFT-M 
to read the selected text. 
The JAWS command for checking if text is selected is shift-insert-down arrow. 
This will also say "no text selected" if there is none highlighted. 
Cutting, Copying, Pasting and Undo 
After text is selected, it can be copied or cut and placed in a new location 
within a document, among documents or even in another application.Text can be 
copied from Word to a form on the Internet, an email, or address book entry.Any 
edit field in Windows will accept copied or cut text. 
When text is cut or copied, it's placed in a special part of your computer's 
memory called the clipboard.The clipboard is in the RAM memory of your 
computer.RAM is Random Access Memory.RAM is the primary memory of your 
computer.When you create a document, cut text, load a web page or take any 
action that isn't saved to your computer's hard drive, it is in the RAM memory 
of your computer.RAM memory is temporary memory.If your computer crashes or 
shuts down unexpectedly, data in the RAM memory will be lost. 
The keyboard commands for cutting, copying and pasting are all located on the 
bottom left of your keyboard. The letters Z, X, C and V are used with CTRL to 
perform these actions. 
Once text is selected, use the following commands to cut, copy or paste: 
Copy CTRL-C 
Paste CTRL-V 
When text is copied, it is left in the document and copied to the Windows 
clipboard.Cutting text removes it from the document and places it in the 
Windows clipboard. 
After cutting or copying the text, you can paste it to another location.To 
paste the text, place the focus of the cursor at the location to which you 
would like to paste the text and press CTRL-V.The text will be inserted at the 
location of the cursor. 
After inserting text, be sure to check the spacing.You don't' want words to run 
together or have several spaces in the middle of a sentence. 
The copied or cut text will remain in the clipboard until it is overwritten 
with new text or until your computer is rebooted.You could continue to work on 
your computer for several hours and, as long as you don't copy or cut new text 
to the clipboard, the text will be waiting in the clipboard to be pasted to a 
new location.
If you have any questions about the tips posted in Dan's Tech tips, please 
contact Dan at the following email address:

Robert Acosta, President
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