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        Dan's Tech Tips:
Site Of The Week:
YouTube To MP3 Converter Online
First we are going to put the YouTube To MP3 Converter address in your 
1. Copy the site shownon the next line to the clipboard.
2. Open your browser.
3. In the address bar, paste the clipboard's contents.
4. Press enter or click okay.
5. Once at the site,:
A.From the keyboard, press alt plus the letter a followed by pressing enter 
B. Using a mouse, click on "add to favorites" and then okay.
6. Copy the site on the next line to your clipboard.
7. Return to your browser and access the address bar.
8. Paste in the clipboard's contents and press enter or click okay with the 
9. Move to the edit box and type in a song or artist you would like to obtain.
10. Press enter or click on "search.
11. In a few seconds, several choices are available.
If using a screenreader, press the letter h until reaching the first one 
followed by enter to start the song playing.
If using a mouse, click on the one of your choice.
12. When the video/song is playing, copy the address to the clipboard.
To do this from the keyboard:
A. Press alt plus the letter d.
B. Press control plus the letter c.
C. Press shift plus tab once to get back into the webpage.
If you are using a mouse:
A. Highlight the address shown in the address bar.
B. Click the right mouse button.
C. Click on "copy."
13. From the keyboard:
A. Press alt plus the letter a.
B. Arrow up until reaching "YouTube To mp3 Converter" and press enter.
14. If using a mouse:
A. Click on favorites and then click on the link of "YouTube to mp3 Converter."
15. If using a keyboard:
A. Press the letter f to reach the edit box.
B. You must press enter if using window-eyes or jaws to enter the edit field.
C. Delete the existing text.
D. Paste in the clipboard's contents.
This is done by pressing control plus the letter v.
16. If using a mouse:
A. Click into the search edit box and delete the existing text.
B. Paste in the clipboard's contents. This is done by pressing the right mouse 
button. Then click on paste.
17. Arrow down to "convert video button" and press the spacebar or click on 
this button.
18. Waite for a few seconds and maybe around one minute.This depends on the 
size of the file.
19. Arrow down to "download" and press enter.
If using a mouse:
Click on Download.
You are given the usual download questions.
If you have any questions about the tips posted in Dan's Tech tips, please 
contact Dan at the following email address:

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