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Dan's Tech Tips:
    Tips On Ipads And Ipods, Part Two
I. How to Pause an App Install
Pause an App InstallIf you're downloading or updating more than one app at a 
time from the App Store, it shows the first one as "Loading...", and the rest 
"Waiting..." But some apps can be very big and take time to download, and you 
need to get the one waiting to download first. That's easy:
1. Tap the one which is loading, it will then be paused and the next one 
waiting in line starts loading.
2. Repeat the same to the rest until the one you need to start loading.
3. You can also tap the one which has been paused to start waiting, or loading 
when no others are loading or the rest are paused.
II. How to Re-arrange Icons
Re-arrange IconsWhen you install new apps to your iPad, the system stacks up 
the icons automatically without asking you to select a home screen. But you can 
subsequently rearrange the icons on the home screens and on the Dock.
1. Touch and hold any icon on your screen until the icons start wiggling.
2. Drag an icon to a different spot on the screen, or even to or from the Dock, 
which allows for six icons.
3. You can also drag an icon to the left or right edge of the screen until it 
starts sliding, then drop the icon to another screen.
4. Click the Home button to finish.
III. How to Create, Rename and Remove Folders
Other than the apps on the dock, sometimes it's difficult to quickly look for 
an app to open if you have many icons spreading across a few screens. Why not 
create a folder to group similar apps together? It's much easier than you might 
Create a Folder for Apps
1. Touch and hold any icon until the icons start wiggling.
2. Drag an icon over the top of another. The system then automatically makes a 
named folder, with the two icons put under it. 
3. Dragmore similar apps to the folder when needed.
4. Click the Home button to finish.
You can rename a folder at any time
1. Touch and hold the folder icon to make it wiggle, 
2. Tap it to expand, 
3. Then edit the folder name after selecting it.
While the system auto creates a folder for you, it does the same to removing a 
folder automatically-
4. Make the folder icon wiggling, 
5. Tap it to expand, then clear all items inside the folder either by dragging 
them out or deleting them one by one, and the empty folder clears by itself. 
If you have any questions about the tips posted in Dan's Tech tips, please 
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