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    *I.  How to Delete Internet Browser Caches, Cookies, or History Quickly:

If you have ever been faced with wanting to delete your browser cache, 
cookies, or history, you know that the path to the browser dialog where this 
can be done involves a number of steps. However, there is a simple keyboard 
combination that will get you there faster. (Hold down all three keys.) It 
This shortcut works for Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Google Chrome, and 
Firefox 3.6 and up.

Visit the site below to see a graphic of the  dialog box that opens.


*II.  Three Quick Tips for Getting Useful Information at Google Search

Updated 25. June 2012 - 5:24 by v.laurie

Summertime is here and many people are taking vacations from the daily 
grind.  Whether you are traveling, planning travel, or just relaxing, Google 
search is a place for some useful information. Here are three specialized 
search terms that will get some commonly requested information in a hurry.

1.  Get flight information:

Enter the name of an airline followed by the flight number. For example:
    British Airways 117
You will get flight information and whether the plane is on time. A related 
tip that was given previously  is at this link


·         2.  Check the weather:

·         Get a quick summary of weather conditions anywhere by entering 
weather followed by a city. For example:
    weather New Delhi



·         3.  Get local movie times:

·         This works in the USA but I don't know about other places. Just 
enter the term movies followed by your zip code in the Google search bar. 
For example:
    movies 29204
You will get a list of movies playing in your area.

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