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this is a rather long message.

I'd have to check how long support for Vista lasts. there are different levels of support for operating systems and they are discontinued at different times. there are three levels of support for XP and all support for XP will stop at some time in 2014. The last level of support to be stopped is issuing critical updates for XP. that means that, over time after updates stop, Windows XP may become more dangerous to use when browsing and performing other Internet-related tasks. But, depending on how well you protect yourself in general, this may or may not be a serious problem for the individual user. Other levels of Windows support that will be dropped before 2014 are services such as technical support. It isn't mainly question of Microsoft making money by dropping support for old operating systems. Windows XP came out about ten years ago. As time goes on, it will become increasingly incompatible with new versions of programs and new programs. Windows XP is not nearly as secure as Vist and Windows 7. Lots of people don't know how to protect themselves properly and the operating system has taken over more of that task in newer versions of Windows. Also, the Internet is becoming more dangerous and it is important for the operating system to provide more protection than was offered in XP even if people do know how to protect themselves. Antimalware programs are not perfect and the operating system needs safeguards such as User Account Controls to help stop malware from getting onto a computer. As Windows develops, it will become increasingly difficult to get people to upgrade. Microsoft knows, and any good analyst will tell you, that Windows will become increasingly less central to Microsoft's profits over time. that's an important reason Microsoft continues to try to get into other areas that are not related to an operating system.

And, as I almost forgot to state, Microsoft makes a practice of significantly extending support for versions of Windows if they are popular and used by lots of people for a longer period of time than the original support schedule anticipated. the company extended support for windows 98 for a number of years and has extended support for XP for a number of years. In 2014, Windows XP will be about thirteen years old. Old versions of windows cannot justify ongoing support forever. They become outdated and the user base decreases over time. At some point, it's time to drop support. thirteen years is a long time to support one version of Windows or one version of most programs. Most versions of most programs aren't supported that long.

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Gene, I also heard that Vista is going to be discontinued by 2014, meaning no more tech support.. Also XP will be in another 6 or 7 years with no tech support, so that only leaves Windows 7 for an OS pretty much after all of that.. I don't know how true this is, but that's what someone said.. I haven't had Vista but since August and now they are going to want to upgrade to 7, which is tyupical for Microsoft to keep upgrading things, more money in ktheir piggy bank.. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Gene" <gsasner@xxxxxxxxx>
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What you were told about Windows 7 and screen-readers is not true. I'm on a list with over 800 members. Many of them have upgraded to Windows 7. If this statement were true, the list would have been full of messages from people complaining. Windows 7 has been well reviewed as an operating system by sighted product reviewers, not reviews for the blind but general assessments of that version of Windows. I have seen positive comments from blind users as well. I can't recall seeing one message from a blind user who has upgraded from Vista who is sorry he/she did. I have seen a number of messages from blind users stating that Windows 7 is better than Vista.

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Hi, I bought a new computer last August, a Hulett Packard or HP Pavilion desk top, but it has a quad core processor and 8 gegs of ram and 750 gegs of hard drive.. It has an internal audio/video card, not a soundblaster though but I run Jaws 10 version on this one, it is a pretty powerful computer, some people use these for g ames such as Everquest and STar WArs, etc.. It has the capabilities to burn CDS/DVDs and also play both of those and even a movie maker capability program in it with some type of cable to hook up to make home movies on it.. It has Vista Home Premium which I am not impressed with so far but am also not impressed with upgrading to Windows 7 either.. I have heard it is more stable than Vista but also have heard that it is difficult to use with Jaws screenreaders, not sure how true that is though butheard this from someone who tests bata versins of software programs all the time and also operating systems, too.. I have heard that Vista has a lot of bugs in it and do know that it is giving me problems with my speech cutting off from time to time on this computer and it did not do tht with XP, if it idd, it was once in several months, this one here it does it every so often and have to restart to get my speech back.. FS said I might have to talk to Microsoft about this problem with Vista.. I just haven't had the time as of yet.. I do know this computer is pretty good for what I use it for though and got it for a reasonable price, you might go into HPs website and check around, this one is a desktop, Pavilion model and I think there are two models of this particular computer, mine is the most powerful one witht he quad core processor and it is not an Intel it is an ADM processor which I was told is layered for programs and should work with all types of programs.. Hope this info helps in some way. Pat ----- Original Message ----- From: "Loy" <loyrg2845@xxxxxxxxx>
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A dual core should last you for years. I'm still using an eight year old Dell 1.7 GH with 1 GB memory, and it still does everything I need and I use a lot of adaptive software. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Nicole Kahn" <n.kahn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Thank you, Gene. I figured a desktop would still be better but thought I'd get some opinions of others who might know more than myself. My one concern
with getting a desktop that's on the lower price end is the issue of the
processor. A computer teacher friend who works with blind students and does quite a bit with adaptive software told me that I should make sure to get a quad core. I think that's what he said. He thought that would be better if I
want the computer to last a good while since that's the way things are
headed in the tech world. Any thoughts? That might be too expensive for me
so I'm curious to see what you all think.

Also, have you heard of the Ubuntu operating system? Sorry, I don't know how to spell that. I think it's somehow related to lynyx but I'm not sure. This same friend I mentioned told me that it's much more reasonable in price than
Windows 7 and that it's less prone to virus attacks right now. Still, he
didn't know if it would work with Jaws. Again, just looking for advice so I
make an educated purchase. Thank you for all your help.


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Unless you want or need portability, a desktop is a much better option.
Desktops last longer and perform faster than laptops anywhere near the
same price.  Lots of people spend more money than they need to on
computers. They don't know how to assess their needs and buy far more
powerful computers than they need. You haven't stipulated anything that
requires much computer power, by today's standards.  Your needs will
probably be met by purchasing a low price computer. If you can do this,
probably the best way to proceed would be to purchase a computer from a
physical store near you with a good return policy, like Best Buy.  Look
for sales or just buy a good inexpensive machine.  I haven't priced
computers for a long time but I expect you can get a desktop that would be
very adequate for your needs for between roughly three hundred and four
hundred dollars, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. Get a computer with either an Intel or an AMD chip. I can't discuss this from personal experience, but Kim Komando recommends against budget chips because they
may not be as fast as you would want.  If you purchase a machine from a
physical store you can conveniently get to, you will be able to exchange
the machine for another if you are dissatisfied quickly and easily.

Most machines today come with 64 bit Windows. I don't know how many old
peripherals will run under 64 bit Windows.  You will want to find out
whether your peripherals will run, unless you want to get new ones at the
same time as you get a new computer.  You may find a good deal that
bundles a computer with peripherals you want.

Also, there are a number of different versions of Windows 7. I can't
advise you on what version you might want.  I know little about the
differences. I'm just telling you that there are a number of different
versions so you can inquire about differences.

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Hi everyone. I'm not entirely sure yet but I may be looking at purchasing
a new computer soon. I do some work out of my home and currently have a
Dell Dimension desktop that's approximately 7-8 years old running Windows XP Home Edition. This one has lasted me because I've added more memory and tried to do everything I can to keep her running well while changing with the times as much as possible. Now, she may be on her last legs in terms
of keeping up with the newer systems, programs and graphics. I'm not in
love with Dell and was wondering if anyone out there has advice and/or
tips on what I should possibly look into if I decide to buy a new machine. I would need it for some business related things and also may use it for
some media applications like downloading, ripping and burning music.

I've heard fairly good things about HP computers and was wondering whether to go that route. Should I stick with a desktop model or try a laptop? I'm totally blind and use Jaws for Windows right now. Also, someone mentioned that they like the Ubuntu (don't know how to spell that) operating system
over Windows. Anyone heard of that and know if it works with adaptive
software like Jaws? Any thoughts?

Basically, I'm trying to feel people out on finding a fairly affordable
new computer that might work for my needs. I don't have lots of money so
need something that wouldn't break the bank. If possible, I'd like
something that could last me a while and have some capability of growing
as technology changes such as having sockets for more memory or a
processor that's powerful enough to keep from being blown out of the water by the next one as soon as I turn around. Also, I'd say that my technical knowledge and skills are kind of middle of the road. I'm not starting at
square one by any means but there is still plenty of advanced technical
info that I only kind of understand or know how to apply.

Hope this helps as an overview. I'm interested in any recommendations you
all may have. Thank you and hope everyone is doing well.


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