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A friend who said he's waiting for a US version of this software sent the 
following comments when I asked if it was just the currency conversions that 
would be a problem?  Guess we still don't have a good answer for the US.


No, it's more the terminology and applications of accounting.  I know the 
terminology and the way items are processed are different in other 
countries.  True accounting software will do more than balance your check 
book.  It has to apply rules of accounting, which vary from country to 
country.  For example, the application, terminology and methods of 
depreciation are different in the UK than they are here in the US.

I noticed that three countries were listed as having support.  The three are 
very similar in many ways, so the accounting practices are most likely the 
same.  However, the US is quite different in its accounting practices.

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>>> "Reginald George" <sgeorge@xxxxxxxxx> 2/23/2009 12:32 PM >>>
So is your concern that it won't support US currency in the current version?
Not sure how to verify that one way or the other.

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