[accessbangla] Ten tips for interacting with people who are

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  • Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 11:53:54 +0600

Ten tips for interacting with people who are


First, when out in public, if you happen to see a blind person, do not stare! 
Although, the blind person cannot see you, the family members of the blind

person can and speaking from personal experience, it can send a sighted family 
member into a rage where you will be verbally abused and/or made an example



Second, when a blind person is ready to order at a restaurant, please do not 
assume that they are not of mental capacity to place the order for themselves.


Nothing makes a blind person angrier than when a waiter or waitress asks the 
person sitting with the blind person what they want to eat.


Third, speaking loudly to the blind person is not going to make him or her see 


This may be shocking, but sight is not triggered by loud noise and yelling at a 
blind person will only result in a bloody nose, and/or cane whop, because

no one likes to be yelled at.


Fourth, offering help to a blind person is OK but only if the blind person asks 
for it. There are some exceptions to the rule. For example, if you see a

blind person about to run directly into a wall, then stopping them is 
acceptable. However, a blind person doesn't normally run into walls because they

are normally armed with a cane, escort or seeing-eye dog.


Fifth, moving furniture in the path of a blind person is completely 
unacceptable - well, unless you are the blind person's spouse, son or daughter 
and they

have just made you mad. It is not recommended though because the blind person 
has acute hearing and anything you are doing sneaky can be heard from a blind

person several rooms away.


Sixth, do not treat blind people like they are stupid. Asking stupid questions 
or dumbing-down a conversation is completely ridiculous. In most cases, the

blind person is highly educated and conversation with a blind person can be a 
learning experience.


Seventh, do not offer to "carry" a blind person somewhere unless you have a 
really strong back and fully intend to lug the blind person on your back. 

them somewhere is OK; however, carrying them is not suggested.


Eighth, when helping a blind person descend a flight of stairs, do not grab 
underneath their arm, lifting half their body, forcing them to hop down the

stairs on one leg. This is hazardous to the blind person, as well as yourself.


Ninth, give them the respect that you would give anyone else and don't treat 
them differently. While stupidity may be contagious, blindness is not.


Tenth, and finally, if you are going to ask a blind person about their 
blindness, for goodness sake, just ask. In most cases, they do not mind 

your questions, however, wording it in a way that is insulting to their 
intelligence is not recommended.


In conclusion, I believe that I have covered the most important bases on how 
not to treat a blind person so please use this guide wisely.


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