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Emotional Closing of Professional Development Training, YPSA, IRCD 



That is a closing ceremony of 'Professional Development Training, " I am going 
to speak about. Reading everyone's face & mind I find the same emotion though 
the near last training was about professionalism. I guess the four month 
training is successful but why everyone is crying? It's feelings ,empathy, 
separations, recalling times spent back. Each one is confident about  future 
but diffident about sentiment, reaction, passion and any other soft feelings. 
First half hour passed with sayings about back days, time forward and crying 
simply for nothing.    


Behind  closed door truth is these twenty people came close together under one 
banyan tree. They trained themselves with technical supports and trained others 
how to be humane,  just like a human being. This banyan tree is commitment, 
resolve to give shade visible or invisible. Therefore trainee, officials, 
staffs or support staff get to deem each other, feel each other and then the 
yet to come separations make them flowing or welling tears. After all everyone 
is human being - no discrimination.


In afternoon there is cultural program. Classical song sung by trainee 
participants and officials. Coordinator sang  one song about trainees composed 
by himself. At last there is a lottery program. People get Venus,  Neptune, 
Sun, Comet, Moon written in small papers. Showing these tiny papers they get 
"Wheel powder, mini pack shampoo or toothpaste mini pack. Laughing and silly 
words coming out of everyone while these program is going on. Evening passed by 
all this and there is a good smiling face good-bye towards each other.    


TPD stands for Trainee Professional with Disability. This program first of its 
kind in the Country has been initiated taking 20 graduate Disable person from 
various parts of the country. Of 20 disable trainee 12 are visually impaired, 7 
are physically disabled and 1 hearing Challenged among them. It's an intensive 
and full residence training implementing by (Young Power in Social Action)YPSA- 
and in aegis of Action Aid Bangladesh and HSBC. 




            Now all trainees are ready to do Internship in different 
Organizations. In  four months training program several  issues have covered  
which is given below: -  







Training & Employment Project



Computer:     1. M.S Word, 

                        2. M.S Power point, 

                        3. Hardware, 

                        4. Internet, 

                        5. Printout,

                        6. Using JAWS software, 

                        7. Daisy Talking Book .


Communicative English:1. Communicative English Orientation &,Dialog 1-  

                                              10,Daily Routine. 

                                          2. New word, Proverb Test, Business 
letter writing , Greetings 

                                           & Wishes, Most frequently used 
expression, Linguistics games                           

                                           Real life motivational story & 
motivational tips, Challenged to  

                                           Think , Language stuffs, Career 
tips( CV writing, interview 

                                            tips, offer letter etc.), Course 


Workshop & Training :1.Workshop on Hopes & Planning, Disability Equality, HIV/ 


                                         2.Training on Disaster & Emergency 
Management (3 days).

                                         3.Training on Planning Administration 
& Management (5 days) 

                                         Taken by MDC.

                                         4. Workshop on Corporate Culture & 


                                        5. Workshop on Leadership & 

                                        6. Workshop on Physico Drama & Play 
back Theatre .

                                        7. Workshop on E- Communication.

                                        8. Workshop on HR.

                                        9. Workshop on Report Writing.


  1.. Improving Planning & Management System
  2.. Management Function & Skill.
  3.. Introducing Planning
  4.. Leadership Development
  5.. Problem Solving
  6.. Decision Making Problem
  7.. Team Building
  8.. Organizational Conflict & Dealing Conflict
  9.. Motivating employee & people
  10.. Managing Human Resources
  11.. Administration and Organization
  12.. Organizing and Office
  13.. Effective space utilization
  14.. Procurement management
  15.. Inventory Management.
  16.. Filling system and indexing 
  17.. Correspondence
  18.. Time and stress management
  19.. Course Evaluation.

Practice & Discussion: Computer Practice, Communicative English, Organizational 



Guest Lecture: 1.Duskin leadership training by MD. Rashedu zaman Chowdhury.

                           2.Workshop on Working with Disability by Ms. 

                           3.Adoptive Technology for Development and ICT4D by 
Mr. Richard.

                           4.Autobiography by Advocate Khademul Islam Chowdhury.

                           5.The real picture of blind deaf and dump schools at 
Muradpur ctg. and 

                           other Disabled school. 

                           6.Specially Discussed Hearing Impaired ness  & 
Rights of persons with  

                           Disability by Abdus Samad.

                           7. Motivating  employee & leadership  by Md. Arifur 

                           8. Scout Disability Sign Language & Lip Reading.

     Need based training on Sign Language & Lip reading for Kamrul.

                          9. Motivational Class by Dr. Biplob.

                         10. Lecture By Ms. Sima Nayar from UNESCO.

                         11.Lecture By ADC.



1.      Channel I 

2.      Vorar Kagoj

3.      Ittefaq

4.      Jai Jai Din

5.      Weekly 2000


Visit & Recreation: Potanga Sea Beach, Bayzid Bostami , Museum, UTSA, BNSB, 
USTC, Seminar on Human Rights at  Engineering Institute,  Adolescent  

 University visit (Film Festival) & Watch the movies , Foys Lake, Sitakund 
Visit, CSD, Mini Bangladesh Park.


Other: Several issues have discussed summaries with  trainee  such as - Gender, 
HR, Disability & International Policy . 



Best regards, 

Vashkar Vattacharya

Program Officer,

Young Power in Social Action (YPSA)




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