[accessbangla] Re: Bangladesh takes backward-looking decisions on disability issues!

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This is extremely disappointing.

Perhaps we need to sit together and develop a new strategy for further
advocacy and continue to give the pressure. In the meantime work with
political parties who will be contesting election this December,


Best wishes



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Subject: Bangladesh takes backward-looking decisions on disability


Dear Colleagues,

Sharing an off-putting news with you: We got to know from reliable
sources that the meeting of Committee of Secretaries of Govt. of
Bangladesh this morning has formally refused the proposed Amendment of
"Rules of Business" of different Ministries of Government of Bangladesh,
which was one of the  long-awaited and fundamental demands of disability
movement in Bangladesh. The meeting rather suggested the Ministry of
Social Welfare to perpetuate its age-old practice of doing welfare for
the persons with disabilities, the largest minority group of the
country. Those who are not aware of the matter: According to the present
Rules of Business (job description of Ministries), Ministry of Social
Welfare is solely responsible for anything related to the persons with
disabilities, e.g., education, health, training, employment, the issues
of women, children with disabilities...! The meeting has also
discouraged the initiatives of changing the name of Ministry of Social
Welfare and formulation of a new rights-based law for persons with
disabilities in light of UNCRPD ignoring the Chief Advisor's specific
recommendations and strong demand by the disability rights movement in
this respect. The decision simply disregards the people's aspirations
and their right to development and fails to uphold Bangladesh's own
commitment to the international community! How this country is going to
implement the CRPD, which has ratified the Convention along with its
Optional Protocol? NFOWD, the network of organisations working on the
issues of disability has been advocating for more than a decade for this
change. We are disappointed, embarrassed and therefore strongly protest
this decision and appeal to all our friends, colleagues, supporters and
development partners to raise your voice against this backward-looking
step of the government, from wherever you are! 

Yes to Convention!

Yes to Human Rights! 

Yes to change!

In solidarity!





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