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As well, Brian has an excellent section about the Zen Stone on his site 
Portable Mediaplayer Portal. A very detailed and clear instructions - well 
worth checking. Did you know that if you slide the mode switch to the left and 
hold it for a seconde or two you can skip back and forth between an Audible 
book sections? (Thanks to Brian). Visit


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  Further to Tom's and Ian's replies, the five way switch on the front as 
instructed is  the volume and track changer (forwards and backwards).  The 
volume is denoted by a mark at 12 o'clock which is volume up and the one at six 
o'clock is volume down.  the switches on the top next to the headphones are 
folder/album change and the one to the right of it is the random button which 
plays tracks in random order, this is locked in position to do this.  

  I hope this helps. 

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    Hi all!  Just bought a one gig zenstone mp3 player and have the folowing 

    1 How long does it take to charge a zenstone player at one gig?

    2 there appears to be only two switches that |I can feel is this right?

    A push button on top and a two position slider to the immediate left   of 
the headphone socket.

    I understand it can be charge only by the usb port on the system! 

    3 no volume, is that controled via the pc?

    thank you for any replies.


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