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  • Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 08:37:08 +0100

Andy, although I'm not George, can I maybe clarify a little for you here on 
what Windows Media Center is?

Really, its XP under another name, but with the difference that the emphasis is 
on media access, be it audio, video, organising of same, access to electronic 
information on things like schedules etc. all bundled together in 'Media 
Center' and the way it presents and organises all things media.  Its not 
hardware, it just runs on a PC like other flavours of Windows.  Also, I think 
it has integrated scheduled recording of TV programs and maybe audio too.

It used only to be bundled with computers, but, and I may be wrong here, I 
think it can be bought in a consumer edition now.  Doubtless someone will 
correct me if I am wrong.

When you think about it it could well turn out to be a solution for us as we 
cannot see the often very menu driven and visually opperated hardware media 
centres there are about.  You would imagine that if JFW got the scripts, and 
the other access softwarehad a bit of a rewrite, it should be possible for us 
to access this Media Center version of Windows.  Then again, maybe its not as 
simple as that.

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----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Andy" 

| Hi George.
| So the Microsoft Media Centre is a completely different animal.  Am I right 
| in thinking then, that xp pro just has additional funtuality, whereas, 
| Windows Media Centre is a new piece of hardware.  Like a music 
| centre/video/dvd/tv device?
| Please excuse my ignorance here George, but I cannot find anything on the 
| internet which describes what a Microsoft Media Centre is, what it looks 
| like and so on.
| Best wishes.
| Andy

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