[access-uk] Re: xp pro and media center

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  • Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 19:45:34 +0100

Andy, think George and Andrew might between them have the solution to your 
problem.  Lot's of solutions re. quiet fans coming through too.

I used to have a very noisy Fujitsu computer, but I did reduce the offensive 
amount of noise from it by putting it on the floor, which in my flat is a solid 
concrete floor.  I also found some large jiffy bags to place around the top and 
sides, which did help a bit.  There are sound absortbant blocks you can buy 
that do the same thing, but obviously, you cannot cover the fan outlets which 
is obviously where a lot of the noise from the computer is expelled along with 
the warm air.  This is where the under-the-desk solution can come in handy as a 
more quick fix, although then you have the problem of replugging leads, 
difficult at the best of timese.  One reason why I've occasionally wondered 
about getting computer patchbays similar to audio patchbays.

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I am wondering if something is loose in the machine, and when you got it home 
it got banged/etc and thus the noise is back?


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