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Actually Andy, computers are around that are as quiet as a video recorder, and 
ones that are completely silent, as near as darn it!  Very quiet fans, or no 
fans are used in some instances.  Hard disks enclosed in soundproof enclsures 
are used to combat noise from that source.

In the sound recording field, perhaps Carrilon computers have become a 
benchmark for this sort of machine.  As well as being very, very quiet, they 
are optimised for audio recording  There are other firms too that are expliting 
this nich of the market.

More in the mainstream, you have firms such as Hi Grade, who have marketed a 
Media Center computer for a couple of years or so now.  Almost sure Sony does 
too, though being Sony you pay a high premium for the style.

So, in short Andy, there are no shortage of really quiet machines around, and 
some are priced not too disimilarly to the noisy one you've got.  Maybe for my 
own reference I'll do some searches on media and quiet Pcs.

As for the Window-Eyes issue and MC, as Peter says, maybe there is a heavy 
reliance on MSAA,  but I don't see that necessarily as abad thing.  I think in 
the next year there are bound to be reviews of these things on programs like 
Main Menu, and the newer and growing list at cooltechaudio list.  Its a trend 
in the merging of Pcs and multimedia that is hardly likely to be overlooked by 
blind people;  quite the reverse..

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| Hi Ray.
| Absolutely, the noise is a concern.  My computer, despite costing me over 
| £1000 last year is as noisy as a washing machine.  They will need to become 
| significantly quieter but given the cooling that needs to be don, I don't 
| think they will ever run as silent as a video recorder.
| I too would be interested in any information regarding which access software 
| is best suited to the media centre.  I'd change from jaws to windoweyes if I 
| thought that access would be possible.
| best wishes.
| Andy
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| From: "Ray's Home" <rays-home@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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