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Hi.  FYI and just to add a little to Adrian's useful post.  .  Media Center 
2005 is said to work with Window-Eyes 5.5, including the 'Media Center 
apllication, according to Mike Lawler of GW Micro.  Interesting that, as, 
obviously, there appears to be a specialized app within XP Media Center that 
does a lot of the clever stuff.

Position as regards HAL/Supernova is not quite so clear, but it appears at the 
moment HAL, the screen reader part of SN, might not handle MC propperly yet.  
(Please someone using Dolphin products clarify here.)

When it comes to the hardware running MC then I've always been drawn to the Hi 
Grade offerings, which seem reasonably priced, but there are quite a lot out 
there now.  Some of them capitalize on quiet PCs with no fan cooling or very 
well insulated cases, and if its going to sit alongside your HI FI then the 
noise issue is going to be very important.


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The advantage of media center systems from a home entertainment
perspective is the appropriate connectivity, EG move tv in and out than
home office type connectors and usually a remote control. In theory
there's not much on a media center machine that you couldn't do on other
MS operating systems it just makes it easier, no need to buy additional
software fiddle around etc. Also they usually try to be more esthetic
and suitable for locating in the lounge rather than an office, a
keyboard that folds up out of site, physical buttons for volume control
and so on.  There was a podcast on Blind Cool Tech of a media center
system in use with JFW running fine a few weeks ago see
http://www.blindcooltech.com/ and use the quick nav key j to jump to
line 1308

Adrian Higginbotham
Accessibility and inclusion adviser

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