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Hi Brian.

Thanks for the link to Larry's demonstration of the Media Centre.  I've already 
listened to his earlier demo and found both very exciting.  I'd just love to be 
able to do what he can do over there in the USA.  Larry is using WindowEyes to 
access the MC, though also has a go with Windows Narrator.  My HP computer has 
a cut down version of MC so Larry's piece has spurted me on a bit.  I'm a JAWS 
user and if I was ever to go down the MC route, I'd have to upgrade to JAWS 
Pro.  I'd love to hear how you get on with your new computer, in particular, 
how you get on accessing the screens.

Your Dell sounds a real bargain, though I note that, like my machine, it also 
has the recovery disk or facility.  I'd like to avoid this with my next 
computer, so will probably get a computer build to my spec.

Best wishes.

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  There are two items on Blind Cool Tech relating to Windows Media Centre:

  Having just purchased a Dell computer for my wife with Windows Media Centre 
edition on it, I am quite keen to get this going and will do so!  It's by no 
means an urgent requirement, but it would be nice to do.

  By the way, Windows Media Centre-based PC's are not expensive. I don't mind 
saying that I purchased this Dell computer containing a 3 GHZ PENTIUM 
processor, 1 GB of ram, keyboard, mouse, speakers, windows media centre 
edition, 19 inch TFT monitor for £400.  Dell delivered it when they said they 
were going to, and you hardly know the computer is on the fan is so quiet. 
Isn't it great that computers are a little more affordable for people? 

  Yes there was lots of rubbish pre-installed which I took off right away, and 
as I say the next step is to get Windows Media centre running when I get some 
time to do so.  So I would be prepared to keep anyone posted of events.

  Brian Hartgen
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