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  • Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 19:42:00 +0100

Hi Alan.

Go to your library using keystroke:
alt + V
followed by
to go to the Go To menu
and then arrow down to library and press enter.

Now press control + tab to navigate to the library section of the screen and 
tab a couple of times into your music.

When you are focused on a song, press your application key to open the context 
Now arrow down to the Add To submenu and press right arrow key to open the menu.
Arrow down to additional playlists and press enter.
Tab to the New button and press spacebar to activate it.
Now key the name of your playlist and tab to OK to complete the task.

You will now see this playlist whenever you open the Add To submenu and you can 
press enter on it to add new tracks into the playlist.


Kevin Lloyd
E-mail: kevin.lloyd3@xxxxxxx
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  Hi listers,whilst on the subject of:w m p,hopeing   someone  can advise me 
how to create   playlists ,in ,windows media player 10. i appreciate any help.. 
thanks Alan Pollard .

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