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Then again, you could have just read the readme file or the link to the same 
text on the website before the download link, as you're strongly advised to do 
and you'd have learned early on about the need to have 5.5, either full or demo 
version, installed before attempting to install this Beta.
More haste, less speed!

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  Hi all.

  Don't want to get into an argument about different screenreaders here, but I 
have been following the way Window-eyes has been released and either I am doing 
something truely silly or window-eyes seems to have mist a trick or 2 and I 
wondered if other window-eyes users could help.

  Firstly, what GW Micro scores on technical support, it loses on marketing and 
hype.  I know they have to make a big noise or have done in the past to sell 
their products, particularly Window-eyes but in this version there are enough 
selling points including a very interesting method of providing high quality 
support for Microsoft Office Calendar which I believe uses Microsoft Active X 
to bring up useful information in a calendar dialog box.  There is also 
enhanced access for Excel and a few extra things in word.  They produced a few 
rather patronising radio show-like programs, one a day, running up to the 
release.  it's more like marketing a beatles album in the 1960s than selling a 
modern screenreader that people normally want for business, work or home 
computer access and this seems strange but I suppose GW Micro must know their 

  Anyway, no where in all this lot does it say I need Window-eyes version 5 
installed, but when I tried to download the program I was asked for a user name 
and password by my download manager but the program downloaded anyway.  This 
may be a fault of Download express, my download manager.  The download was only 
6 MB in length and when I ran it it said that version 5.5 was not installed so 
I went and downloaded version 5.5 and all went quite well with the installation.

  The info says there is a JAWS keyboard layout you can use if you are not 
familiar with window-eyes keys.  I thought this was available in the 
window-eyes menu under Keyboard but couldn't find it.  Also, with Window-eyes 
installed, I couldn't shut down the PC properly. the process just stopped mid 
way through so I uninstalled window-eyes and all worked again.

  what I am really saying here is there is far too much hype and not enough 
real information to allow people to make a propper evaluation of the Beta 
version.  GW have probably even outstripped Freedom Scientific this time for 
marketing rubbish and hot air and that takes some doing!


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