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  • From: "Peter Logue" <peterlogue@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 11:25:29 -0400

Here's what Debbie Scales wrote about her Spybot scripts. Note, I see there
is another spyware program on the JFWlite programs page. Its called Spyguard.
Is anyone using it.
Message begins:

These scripts are very very basic and there are still problems with the
spybot interface. But I have written some very basic scripts for spybot 1.3,
to make my life easier, smile, but they still do not make spybot 1.3 what I
would call jaws friendly. I'm hoping the developer will listen to us and make
it as friendly as version 1.2 was. Until then, you are welcome to try these
scripts but you must understand, I offer them AS IS! If you write me
with questions at debbie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I will try to help, but I offer no
guarantees these scripts will work for you. Basically what I did is just
create a hotkey (control shift L) which places you in the listview when the
scan is done. Then it will read the listview with the pc cursor as you up and
down arrow. If an item in the list has the word "entries", you can press the
space bar on the main line that says how many "entries" it has for that
and it will check all the items under it for that category. When you are on
the line that has the word entries, you can press right arrow and left arrow
to expand that branch of the "tree" to arrow down and see the list of
individual items for that category. Unfortunately spybot 1.3 gives no
if an item is checked or not. So you need to check all the main "entries"
with the space bar you want spybot to remove. What I recommend you do is
the "select all" button. When the scan is finished, use the select all button
to be sure all items are checked. Then you can press the space bar to uncheck
any items that for some reason you don't want spybot to remove. Soooo...to
have the select all button available, first you need to run spybot. Then go
to the navigation menu with alt N, enter on settings, then enter on settings
again. Press E until you hear expert settings. Now arrow down to where it
says Show expert buttons in results list and press the space bar so it says
on. Now the next time you run spybot and the scan is finished, if you go to
the actions menu with alt A or just press the windows application key on an
entry in the list, the first choice should be "select all". Then you can
alt F to fix the selected problems. A couple of things. First, when the scan
is finished and you press control shift L, then you will need to down arrow
to get into the listview. (sorry I haven't added hotkey help yet, but control
shift L is the only keystroke). Next, and this is the most important! I have
found a serious focus issue with spybot 1.3. If you move focus from the
program and then try to go back to it, the spybot scripts won't consistenly
I have found it best to run the program and not do anything else until insert
3 tells you the scan is done and then press control shift L. It seems like
if you leave the program, it is hard to ever get true focus back. Not only
will the scripts not work, but it sometimes ceases to read menu's and context
menus. So start the scan, go get a drink or go to the bathroom, then come
back and check if it is done. Here are the links to download the scripts.
Spybot 1.3 Scripts for Jaws 4.XX Download
Spybot 1.3 Scripts for Jaws 5 Download

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